School Trip to London 2019


Let's plan a school trip to London.

We are going to leave next September. We need to choose an airline and a plane, a hotel, and decide what to do and what to eat. 

 Let's start!!! 

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In group of three-four you have to plan a school trip to London.

Each member has got a different job: you are a travel agent, a London traveler, a restauranteur and a photographer.

Each group will use only the Internet for this project.

When everything is completed, the group members will come together and prepare a presentation to show to the other groups (you can use Power Point or you can make a Poster).

You have to use the past form in your presentation.

At home each student has to write an email to tell a friend about your school trip (using the past forms)


Each member has got a different job:

THE TRAVEL AGENT: you have to plan a three/four day trip to London. You will found out how much plane tickets cost, what it costs to stay in a hotel or b&b for three nights. 

THE LONDON TRAVELER: your job is to plan a four day itinerary of sites and historical places to visit in London ( museums, churches, historical sites, you can also include places where to go shopping). Take notes of prices and opening hours when possible.

THE RESTAURANTEUR: your job is to research traditional foods in England. Then plan three dinners in London and an English breakfast. Find out how much money you will need.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Your job is to look for pictures of the places you are going to see. 

Stage 1: you have to work with the members of the other groups that have the same role as you to complete your task.

Stage 2: work with the members of your group, put all your findings together, and decide how to organize your school trip. Make a calculation: how much our trip might cost.

Stage 3: create a presentation and show it to your classmates.

Stage 4: at home, write an email about your school trip (using the past).

Useful links: 


Where to stay

What to do…

What to eat


Verrete valutati sia sul lavoro di gruppo che sul lavoro individuale.



contributo e partecipazione di tutti i membri del gruppo

capacità di ascolto, comunicazione e coinvolgimento

degli altri membri


da 1 a 10



dettagli relativi al volo e hotel

dettagli relativi ai menu

dettagli relativi all'itinerario

stima del costo totale del viaggio






qualità e creatività

correttezza del linguaggio e uso del passato

da 1 a 5

da 1 a 5





correttezza e uso del passato

uso creativo della lingua

da 1 a 5

da 1 a 3



During this webquest, you'll learn something new about London, surfing the Net and working with your classmates. Enjoy it.

Do your best!!!