SCIENCE: State of Matter


Hey kids! Welcome to the World of Matter!

Do you know what is matter? Did you know that matter is all around us? Everything you see around you is matter.

Are you ready to know more about matter?

This is Captain Gwapa. Brace yourself and fasten your seatbelt as I tour you to the World of Matter!

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Here we are for our first stop.

We all know that everything around us is matter. But, do you know what matter really is? What are the different states of matter?

•For your task.

You need to explore some sites that will help you know and understand more about matter.

So make sure to visit and read these sites : and

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Hey! Glad your back!

So how was your exploration? Did you enjoy it? Did you learn something?

To check if you really learned and gained something from your exploration, I will send you to another site.

In there, you will have to take a quiz and answer some questions about what you learned about matter.

Enter the site by clicking the URL… . Click start , to begin the quiz.

After you take the quiz, add your name and send a screenshot of your score and send it to

Good luck.


We got you scores.

Congratulations 👏

Keep it up and see you in our next adventure.