The Search for Delicious WebQuest


Hello! My name is Vaungaylen, but everybody calls me Gaylen. And I'm here to tell you about my journey, the Search for Delicious. There are many places to explore such as a beautiful orchard, a huge rain forest, an amazingly tall tree fort, and a glamorous castle!!!!!!



Hopefully you've read my book by now. If you haven't, please get to it. If you have, get ready to observe, build, write, and summarize in this amazing medieval world.


                           What do you think Delicious is???????????????


1. You must observe caracters in the story and then you will decide which character's personality would best fit yours.

2.You must make a model of Ardis's hut.

3. You must make a summary of the story.

4. You must choose which part of the story you liked best and write a book report on it.

5. You must learn about the author, Natalie Babbitt, aand write a 5 paragraph biography about her.


1. You will pick a character from the story and write a report at least 1 page long on that character.

2.You will make a model of Ardis's hut.