From Sameera, Monday, 11. November 2019


Hi Dilito, How are you?


I am fine. Last month I went to Delhi!


Delhi is a big city in North India. It is the capital of India.


My auntie and my cousins live in Delhi. We visit them on holidays. Last month we had the Diwali holiday. Diwali is a very important celebration in India.


Every year we do a lot of things; we light candles, we prepare sweets, and we eat a lot of tasty foods.

We also watch movies, get dressed in our best clothes, and go outside. We go to see many places around Delhi, like the Lodhi Gardens and the Red Fort. We have a wonderful time!

This year, we did many things. My auntie prepared rasgulla, my favourite sweet. We ate a lot of rasgulla and we watched our favourite movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

We got dressed up and went to ‘Kingdom of Dreams’, an amusement park near Delhi, full of theatres, restaurants and shops. We had a lot of fun!

That’s everything so far. Take care!


1) Can you match the pictures from the letter with the places or activities mentioned?


2) Copy in your notebook this table and complete it with words from Sameera's letter: