Hi, my name is Ellie Hutchison and I have created a WebQuest over sharks. 


I have provided ten hyperlinks and two questions to go with each link. The questions are in order and they do not need to be answered in complete sentences, but every part of the question must be answered. 


  1. For many years sharks were thought to be solitary animals, is this true? Give evidence.
  2. What is the name of the area that sharks go to breed?

  1. How long have sharks inhabited the ocean?
  2. Based on where they live, how many types of sharks are there and where do they live?

  1. How often do predatory sharks feed?
  2. What migration pattern do sharks remember?

  1. How do sharks attack prey without using a lot of energy?
  2. How do sharks show dominance?

  1. What do sharks two extra senses allow them to do?
  2. What do sharks use along with their speed to catch prey?

  1. Where can you find cartilage in sharks?
  2. What are sharks skeletons made up of?

  1. What adaptation do some female sharks have due to a mating ritual?
  2. How long are the gestation periods of sharks like Basking sharks and Frilled sharks? 

  1. What is the name of the type of shark that must keep moving in order to get oxygen?
  2. How do sharks stay aware of their surroundings while resting?

  1. How many teeth can a shark have in their mouth at one time?
  2. How many teeth can they have in a total life time?…

  1. What kind of shark is known for its breaches?
  2. What are the three main types of breaches?