Short Story Project


Your goal is to follow along to help with your short story projects that you have just started. This might be able to guide you through it if you are struggling or are unsure of where to go next. 


The goal of this project is to create a short story. We have been reviewing short stories in class so you should all be familiar with them. The way this is being done is different that other assignments. This short story is based off of creativity. The reason for this is because it will be about your favorite memory or something made up that sounds fun to talk about. Please, don't hold back when it comes to being creative because that is the whole point.

  • If you are stuck with coming up with ideas then write them down. Choose which idea you would be able to talk about longer and go from there.
  • Be creative.
  • Draw a picture at the end to show something that comes from the story.
  • Don't forget, there has to be one main character and that CAN be yourself.
  • This has to be at least 2 pages.

     Needs Improvement






Creativity The student went off and was not creative and did not plan ahead what they wanted to talk about. The student had some creativity but not really an ultimate goal for the overall project. The student showed great creativity and had a well thought out theme.  
Picture There was nothing or one thing that was drawn. There was a picture but it didn't have anything to do with their story. The picture was there and went along with their story.  
Main Character No main character. Wasn't clear who the main character was. Main character was known and there throughout the story.  
2 pages, Name, Date, Teacher's Name Missing all of these. Has some but not all. Provides all the information that was asked of them.  



Short stories are usually thought of as boring and not fun to read or write. The whole idea of this project is to change the way that short stories are viewed. Creativity is key. 


I would like to thank my professor for guiding me through this WebQuest process.

Teacher Page

The goal of this is to challenge students to be creative and make a name for short stories that are meaningful and exciting.