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In everyday life we ​​often find announcements either in oral or written form. In this lesson, we will study the announcement text in English.

In the announcement itself there is a structure or arrangement in writing the announcement text. In this lesson, we will study in more detail about the announcement text.

Let’s Get Started!


You will get to know more about the announcemet text by knowing about the important things in it such as:



3.generic structure

4.language features of announcement text

I hope you enjoy with this new material. I can't wait for your participation in class to play puzzles as a score for this material next 



Make a group consisting of three stydents.

STEP 2 : What should be understood in the announcement text?

You have to understand what to pay attention to in the announcement text. Open the link below to find out what to pay attention to in the announcement text

STEP 3 : Group Preparation

At the meeting next week you have to prepare your group and each child's task.

Two children are tasked with putting together a puzzle and one child is tasked with reading the text of the announcement of the results of the puzzle arrangement.

STEP 5 : What is collaborative leraning using puzzle game?

To prepare for next week's meeting, please open the following link to give an idea of ​​how the puzzle game is in the announcement text.



Within 2 minutes two children are tasked with putting together a random puzzle from the announcement text
After the time is complete or the puzzle is complete, one child reads the contents of the announcement text, all members must listen, pay close attention.
After reading the announcement text, the teacher will ask questions about the contents of the announcement.


POOR ( 1 poit)

if your group can't arrange the part of the puzzle based on the structure of the text correctly in the allotted time.


FAIR (2 points)

if your group has errors or parts of the structure are reversed with questions that are not answered correctly in their entirety.


GOOD (3 points)

if your group can solve the puzzle correctly and can answer the question correctly in the allotted time.


Good Job! You have completed the step-by-step activities
  See you in class next week!