Smoking - Tobacco


Welcome to your first Health Webquest!  In today's lesson you will be browsing the web using provided resources to research the topic surrounding smoking tobacco and the negative impacts tobacco can have on the body.  You will need the following materials for today's webquest: a pen/pencil, vocabulary sheet, 1-2 sheets of lined paper, and yourself.  

To start things out I would like for you to find the definitions for the following terms on your vocab sheet.  This will help with understanding content in future websites used during this webquest (Use to find definitions).  You will notice some definitions are listed, you just need to copy them to your vocabulary list.  All other definitions should be searched for and written on your vocabulary sheet.


Side Effect:

E Cigarette (electronic cigarette):  a cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled.

Tobacco Tar:  A chemical substance made when tobacco is burned. Tar contains most of the cancer-causing and other harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.


Snuff/ Chewing Tobacco:  a type of tobacco that is chewed, placed against the gums, or inhaled into the nose.



Carbon Monoxide:  a poisonous gas that is formed when carbon is not completely burned

Secondhand Smoke:


After researching the definitions and writing them on your vocabulary sheet, proceed to the task tab.



Proceed to the following website ( ) and answer the following questions using the article on your seperate piece of paper.  HINT:  READ THE BELOW QUESTIONS FIRST and then READ THE ARTICLE and then ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.  Answer these questions using complete sentences on your seperate piece of paper.


1)   List 2 of the 3 things that "most of us know" what smoking causes.

Once you start it's hard to stop

2)   What very addictive chemical does tobacco contain?

3)   What are 2 reasons for people possibly smoking?

What about E-cigarettes and Hookahs?

4)   Why do people assume E-cigarettes are safer?  What makes their assumption wrong?

5)   What added risks (other than tobacco led risks) do hookahs create?

How can smoking affect health?

6)   What do first-time smokers often feel?

7)   What serious health problems can smoking result in? (list all 4)

8)   What other problems could be the result of smoking? (list 4 of the 9)

9)   Teen smokers can have many of these problems... (list all 5)

Kicking butts and staying smoke-free

10)  What is the only way of staying healthy when it comes to tobacco products?

11)  Staying smoke-free will give you... (list all 4 of the reasons to stay smoke-free)


Vaping: What You Need to Know

Now that we have a solid background of information based upon smoking.  Lets take a look at other topics related to smoking.  Proceed to the following website ( ).  Read the below questions and then view the article that is based upon vaping.  After reading the article, answer the questions on a seperate piece of paper.

What is vaping?

1)   What is Vaping?

What are the health effects of vaping?

2)   How does nicotine from vaping (E-cigarettes) affect the body? (list two of the 5 possible)

3)   What other drugs can be vaped?  How can these drugs affect someone?

Do I have to vape every day to get addicted?

4)   Does someone have to vape every day to get addicted?

Why should I quit?

5)   Why should someone quit vaping/smoking? (list 3 of the 8 possible reasons)

How can I quit?

6)   What are some ways to quit vaping?  (list two ways)


After you have finished reading both articles and have answered all of the questions to the best of your ability click on the evaluations tab to see how this Webquest is graded.  After checking the evaluations tab, double check your work to make sure you have turned in your best work.


This Webquest will be graded upon the effort put forth in to answering the questions located on the Task tab.  I will also be doing a vocab check to make sure you have researched the definitions of the words located on the Introduction tab.  While work time is provided, students are asked to work quietly and independently so that their best work possible may be handed in.  Behavior/participation with the lesson will be a part of this grade.

Possible vocab points: 10

Possible Task tab question points: 38

Possible behavior/participation points: 4

Total points possible:  52