Myers & Sons Travel Agency: Plan a family vacation!









Congratulations!  You have been recently hired and trained as a travel agent for the Myers & Sons Travel Agency.  Five different families have recently come into your agency requesting information for their next family vacation.  


Your boss has asked each travel agent (including you) to choose a family.  You will be in charge of planning a vacation for the family of your choice based upon their preferences and working within their predetermined monetary limit.  It is your job to determine how their budget can be used most efficiently while still providing a fun experience for their family.  At the conclusion of your research you will need to persuade your chosen family to choose the vacation you had planned for them.  According to your boss, if your vacation is chosen, your salary could greatly increase.  Good luck!








Step 1: Choose a family

#1- 1 adult, 1 child- Family #1 is a mother and son family.  Mom enjoys reading, bike riding, and hiking.  Son, age 5, enjoys swimming and spending time playing outside.  Budget: $1000

#2- 1 adult, 2 children- Family #2 is a father and two daughters family.  Dad enjoys jogging, watching football, and staying current on the latest national and world news.  Two daughters, ages 12 and 10, enjoy reading, creative play, and are very active in soccer.  Budget:  $1500

#3- 2 adults, 2 children- Family #3 is a father, mother, and two sons family.  Together, the family enjoys almost all outdoor sports.  The young sons (ages 5 and 2) enjoy creative play, including pretending to be their favorite superheroes.  Budget: $2000

#4- 2 adults, 3 children- Family #4 has a daughter (age 16), son (age 11) and daughter (age 7) family.  This family is looking for relaxation from their regular everyday busy schedule.  The family enjoys being active together.  Budget:  $2500

#5- 2 adults, 4 children- Family #5 has two sons (age 17), a daughter (age 9) and a son (age 1).  This family would like a vacation that is fun and active for the older children, but also includes downtime for them to relax, especially with their youngest son.   Budget $3000 

 **Each family is available to travel at anytime and any day during the year and would like to vacation for the longest amount of time possible. 

Step 2: Consider your budget

Before researching each vacation destination, you must take into consideration each part of the budget you are to work within.  Here is a great blog to help you determine how to save and get the most for the money your chosen family has allotted for their vacation.  Check out the budget worksheet you can print off to help you in your planning! :

Here's another budget template using Microsoft Excel, if you prefer to complete on the computer:


Choose a budget template from one of the websites above or create your own!


Step 3: Choose a destination

Now that you have considered your budget, choose a destination for your family.  Make sure to use the recommended website to research the area to ensure your family will enjoy their stay. 

Destination # 1:  Topsail Beach, North Carolina-

Destination #2:  Hershey, Pennsylvania-

Destination #3:  DisneyWorld-Orlando, Florida-

Destination #4:  Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania-

Destination #5:  Deep Creek Lake/Garrett County, Maryland-


Step 4:  Travel

Vehicle- To determine the cost of travel by vehicle you must consider the average price of gasoline in Pennsylvania:  The vehicle your chosen family will be traveling in gets approximately 28 miles per gallon.  You must also take into consideration the distance of travel from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania to your chosen destination.

 Airplane-  Remember to determine the cost of round-trip flights.  Choose from the following airlines:

Southwest Airlines:


Train- Remember to determine the cost of round-trip tickets.


Step 5:  Lodging

You will need to consult the travel website of your destination above for lodging information for your area.  Possible lodging ideas would include hotel/motel, camping, or renting a house.  If you are interested in having your chosen family rent a house, please consult the VRBO website at


Step 6: Activities

You will need to consult the travel website of your destination above for daily activities.  Remember, you will need to have enough money to pay for lodging for each additional night of stay plus any activity fees.  Please keep that in mind as you plan. 



 Step 7: Presentation

Using the information you have found, you now need to compose a presentation to persuade your chosen family to choose the vacation you have planned for them.  You must include the following information in your presentation:  a graph showing how each part of their allocated budget will be used for vacation expenses, chosen destination, transportation, lodging, and daily activities.  In addition, you will need to include visuals and a written persuasive paragraph to persuade the family you chose to pick your vacation. 


Please choose from the following for your presentation:

-Poster/tri-fold board

-Powerpoint presentation









Your presentation will be evaluated on the following:

-Neatness in appearance, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, use of visuals       10pts

-Stayed within budget, use of budget shown on a labeled graph                                10pts

-Chose appropriate activities for family according to their interests                        10pts

-Includes persuassive writing piece                                                                            10pts

-Mathematical calculations are correct and complete                                                10pts

                                                                           Total:                                              50pts  

Teacher Page

This webquest was created as a mathematics lesson to increase awareness while maintaining cultural relevance.  This webquest meets "culturally supportive" elements as identified by Chisholm (1998) in the following ways:

Cultural awareness- Students have choice throughout the lesson.  When learning about tips for budgetting a vacation, students are offered the choice of viewing a video or reading a blog post.  Students are also given a choice in their assessment based on their learning preferences. 

Cultural relevance-This webquest is common to what many of them experience in their families.  In the area in which I teach, many, if not all, have experiences with taking a family vacation.

Culturally supportive environment- Students are given the choice of a family to choose in the beginning of this webquest.  Families were composed based upon the variety of family structures found in my current classroom.

Equitable access- Various technology tools are presented throughout this webquest.  Again, choices are offered to students to allow them to use the technology tools in the way that best meets their needs for completing the task.

Instructional integration-The webquest is based on the integration of technology as a tool for learning and teaching.  Students will not be able to complete the task without using technology for the majority of their research. 

Chisholm, I. M. (1998). Six elements for technology integration in multicultural classrooms. Journal of      Information Technology for Teacher Education, 7(2), 247-268