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Cultural Visit to Bandung with UI Creates
Last February, I went to Bandung with UI Creates students. UI Creates is a short course program from University of Indonesia for international students. At that time, the participants were from Japan, China, and Philippine.
We departed from Depok to Bandung at 6.30 AM by bus. Fortunately, there was no traffic jam so we could arrive in Bandung at 11.30 AM. Before we went to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, we had lunch at Sederhana Pasteur Restaurant first. We ate Nasi Padang. For some students, it was their first time trying Nasi Padang. They said it was delicious.
Then we went to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. It took more than one hour to go there from the restaurant. At 2.45 PM, we arrived at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. We had to wait for the performance because it started at 3.00 PM. Before the performance started, we bought some souvenirs and tried to play Angklung in the souvenir shop. At exactly 3.00 PM, the show started. Not only Angklung performance, there were also Arumba and Calung performances. We sang, danced and learnt to play Angklung together during the performance.
After we watched the show, we went to Soerabi Imoet to get dinner. We ate Serabi which is traditional pancake made from rice flour with coconut milk or shredded coconut. It usually tastes sweet, but there is another savoury version that uses oncom as the topping. In Soerabi Imoet, there is a variant of Serabi with Durian topping. That was the first experience eating Durian for some of my friends. After we had dinner, we went to our hotel which is not too far away from Soerabi Imoet to get some rest.
The day after that, we started the day with getting breakfast at the hotel. Then we departed to Dusun Bambu at 7.45 AM. From the hotel, we spent more than one hour on the way to Dusun Bambu. After we arrived, we walked around the park to explore. It was very refreshing. There were a lot of various  flowers bloomed at that time. We also saw some fields with rice plants. My Japanese friends and I tried to ride a traditional boat. After we spent enough time there, we had lunch and returned to Depok.
We were very tired when we arrived in Depok, but we had a lot of fun during the cultural visit. It was very nice to go to Bandung and I hope I can go there again sometime.

Bandung as Sea of Fire
Bandung as Sea of Fire was a fire that occurred in the city of Bandung on March 24, 1946. Within seven hours, about 200,000 residents of Bandung burned their homes.
British troops as part of the Brigade MacDonald arrived in Bandung on October 12, 1945. Bandung was deliberately burned by TRI and local people. There were black smoke billowing high into the air everywhere. The British Army began to attack so fierce. The greatest battle happened in the Village name Dayeuh Kolot, in South Bandung, where there were a large ammunition depot belonging to British. In this battle, Barisan Rakyat Indonesia  destroyed the ammunition depot.
The strategy to fire Bandung was considered because the power of TRI and peoples militia was not comparable to the British forces and NICA. This incident inspired to create the famous song Halo, Halo Bandung.
The First Day Activities Of The Princes
Being a princess is never an easy task. That also applied for Princess Adelle. Her day was never easy. Her schedules had always been prepared beforehand by the royal assistant. She barely had any free day. Sometimes, even on national holidays, she got a schedule. That day was not very different.
It was the first day of 2017 and Princess Adelle was very tired because she was up all night, attending The New Years Eve event in the Royal Palace. Although she could barely sleep, she tried to wake up early. She woke up at 6 a.m. She should be ready before 8 a.m., so she washed herself and put on the dress that had been prepared for her by her assistant. After that, she had breakfast with the member of the royal family. At 9 a.m., she went to a charity event for the orphans held by several social institutions of the country. The event finished right before the time for lunch, so Princess Adelle enjoyed her lunch with the company of social workers and the orphan children. After lunch, she continued her schedule to attend the inauguration of a new public school near the palace. She gave her speech there mentioning that she was very happy to be invited to the event. She hoped that the new school would be able to help the students to be successful in the future.
She arrived back at the palace at 3 p.m. and attended her riding class with her instructor. Horse riding was able to make her happy again and she could refresh her mind after a long day activities outside the palace. She finished her riding class at 6 p.m. and prepared herself for dinner with the member of the royal family. She was very relieved that the family dinner finished early.She finally went back to her room at 8 p.m. She threw herself in bed immediatelybecause she felt really tired and wanted to take a rest so badly.
One day felt so long for Princess Adelle and it was only one sample of her schedules for a day. Sometimes, the schedules were even tighter than this. Princess Adelle knew that it was one of her duty as a princess. She enjoyed it, because she could meet different kinds of people from her activities.