Social media


Today we spent too much time on social media. It's really important for work, connection and society.

It's give benefit or not.

  • search information about social media.
  • analysis benefit of social media.
  • click link below to read information about social media.
  • analysis about social media benefit.
  • write your opinion about benefit of social media more than 5 sentence.
  • create 10 question in quizizz
  • use power point to present your work
  • post link on your blog
  • present work to teacher
  2 3 point
Grammar and spelling Grammar errors/spelling wrong correct grammar/spelling wrong less than 4 word  
content knowledge content suitable content not suitable  

Rubric's score for the writing " social media's benefit"

 proficient = 2  exemplary = 3 total = 6

the student must reach 3 point in total score.



present your work in front of class.