1. Social media has been influencing to people for many years. It’s effects to people in such positive and negative ways. Social media is somehow a vital element for business. It can also describe as vehicle which transfers people’s opinions, ideas, experiences, perspectives and events etc. Aside from that, it also brings such negative benefits for users. For example, it transfers a false sense of connection, exposure to cyber bullying, and violence, etc.
  2. There are positive and negative benefits when we use social media. To be more use wisely and effectively with good points, that education video will guide you and enhance to disappear negative points.
  3. By doing this project, Students will get more understanding of the roles of Social Media, increase the ability of adjustment of Social Media and reflect on how they had used Social Media.

Created by : Cing Suan Mang, Catherine Seng Mon Aung, Naw Aung, Theresa Cing Cing, Lahpai Ja Doi Pan


You will have to create an educational video related with this social issue “impact of social media” in order to find pros and cons of using social media. You should include the following requirements in your project.

-Group yourself about seven or eight people

-The roles that group members will have to take

  1. Script writer
  2. Video taker
  3. Director
  4. Main characters
  5. Performers
  6. Editor

Step 1- In the first meeting, the group will gather together and start to think about the topic and talk about it. They have to be aware of the topic that you are asked to do. They may start exploring about what is Social Media.

Step 2- In the second meeting, the Group will be provided some resources, reading articles, video clips, power point presentation related with the topic. Every group member has to understand the general points of view on the topic. They have to discuss about the task and every member will choose the task according to their interest and capability.

Step 3- After they have chosen the respective tasks, they may start doing their respective jobs. In the next meeting, they will start action with their respective tasks all together.

Step 4 – The editor will collect all documents which the group had taken. And the editor will continue his/her jobs. After he/she finalize all the things, all the group members will gather and make the final one.

Step 5 – Their video will be shown to the class.

  1. To accomplish the project well, some tasks are given. Students will take at least a task according to their interest.
  2. They will plan to make setting to start the project by discussion.

Grading Rubric

No content










There are no features, languages, drama and lack of interest.

The video can sometimes distract viewers from the content.

Features, language, drama are original ways.

Features, language, drama are insight about the theme.



The video demonstrates  a lack of design, clarity and cohesion.

The video demonstrates limited design, clarity and cohesion and it may motivate the audience to interpret the project.

The video demonstrates well design, clarity and cohesion and includes a pathway for the audience to interpret the project.

The video demonstrates effective design, clarity, and cohesion and includes a strong pathway for the audience to interpret the project.



The video is unable to carry with theme






Video comes up with a theme but it amputates sometimes

The video is able to give an obvious message

The video can give a clearly message which can be very understandable


Time limit

The duration of the video is too long or too short than the limited time. The project is not finish on time.

The duration of the video finish some minutes ahead.

The duration of the video needs to finish a few times. The project is need to finish.

The duration of the video is within the allotted time limit. The project is completely finish on time.


Team Work/participation

One person in a group cannot manage in way that advanced the group goal. Few people contributed their fair share of work, or the project was created by one student doing most of the work.

Some individuals document how there are poor communication or failure to collaborate on important aspects of the work.

The group members how divide their tasks, assigned roles based on the skills and talents of individual members, share the work and manage together in a way that advanced the group goal.

The video shows how group members brainstorm, discuss, and try hard together and also it describes how the individual efforts capitalized on strengths of each team member.


Your group will be given a group grade on your project according to this rubric from 1 to 4 points for each criteria. Bonus points will be given for submissions before the deadline and beyond the given criteria. Your total score will then be multiplied by the number of people in your group. For example, your group of three people gets 80 % for the total project, this will be multiplied by 3 for a total point. The other group members will be given points on what they have worked on the total project. Additional thing is you also have to give points by yourself among your group. You could give equally each person 85% of the whole project or you could give one person that worked really hard 100 % for the total project. You will need to give each person point s according to your efforts, participation and working hard. Each of everyone will also receive an individual grade based on the quality of your project you submitted.



We expect that this Web Quest is able to broaden your knowledge and understanding on the effects of social Media to students like you, be aware of its disadvantages and advantages and you will able to apply effectively a safe environment in using social media.

This web quest can enhance students’ ability in hunting online studies. Their knowledge would be much more increased after they had well done this project once.

Students will be asked to write a reflection. These are the guidelines questions:

  1. How do understand social media?
  2. What are the roles of social media take place in your life and how will you adjust using effectively?
  3. How will you contribute your knowledge to your environment for the betterment in using social media?