social Studies


Social Studies

June 23,2020

1 hour

solar system 


The solar system is made up of the star we call the sun, moons, small rocky bodies and eight planets. The word solar has to do with the sun, and everything in the solar system is centered around the sun. 

 Planets of the solar system 

-Mercury                 - uranus

-Venus                    - Neptune

-Mars                      -Earth





Picture of the solar system


1:--A birds eye view of our solar system, not to scale (Abastris ...

Exercise 1:

Observe the picture above and list the planets from the closest to the farthest from the sun.



Get to know the planets!!

Listen to the planet song and write a paragraph about the planets.



Read passage on page 112 and complete exercise 1 and 2 on pages 113 and 114.