Sociological implication of the production distribution and the consumption of the vaccine for covid 19


The coronavirus disease ( covid 19 ) is an infections disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus . This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in wuhan china in december 2019.



      Limits on the mobility of people across borders and lockdowns are contributing to labour shortages for agriculture sector in many countries the other hand disruptions downstream from the gate are in some cases causing surpluse to accumulate putting a strain on storage facilities and for highly perishables , increasing food looses . Some products supply side discuption are being compounded by demand side reduction the covid 19 pandemic may also affects the availability of key intermediate inputs for farmers and also have implications over the short and long term for food loss and waste . Supply chain losses may increase in short term because of logistical bottlesneck and a contraction in the demand perishable that are often consumed away from home.


        According to kizzmekia corbett and her team of scientist provides spark of hope . Corbett was the scientific lead of the team that developed the moderna covid 19 mRNA vaccine .The strongest weapon against the novel coronavirus the vaccines distribution mariced a turning point in the global pandemic saving millions of lives that may otherwise have been lost.

        Under normal circumstances , the public procurement process poses one of the greatest risk of curruption among all government functions. The large volumers that are involved in public procurement make it highly vulnerable to curruption risk in many countries .

      Philippines prioritise coronavirus vaccine supply from china and russia because we will give preference provided that there vaccine is a good as any other in the market. Any vaccine purchase by the philippines undergo bidding process.

      I think mostly filipino people accept the covid 19 vaccine because if we have already vaccinated we are safe from the virus that we faces right now and others people not accept this vaccines because they afraid of what the effect .

       In my observation i think there is no inequality to distribute a vaccine because almost of the people got vaccinated it depends on the available vaccines . 

      The covid 19 pandemic and ensuring crisis exacerbates deep states social inequalitities within our societies women low income , households , children and young people , partime have all been disproparticularly affected .Today the war in ukraine is creating a major humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people and a severe economic shock of uncertain magnitude.

     As new coronavirus cases spread in many countries since the end of the lockdown in mid-june , its clearly we dont understand this pandemic . The rush to restart the economy is leading , early than expected, to a sharp increase in the spread of the virus and in the numbers of deaths.This mismanagement that lead us, last February and March , to overlook the ruthless spread of the disease and to fail and understand the exponential nature of its transmission is played out again so that the covid 19 change the world.