1. Define the concept Software.                                                                                                                          (2)
  2. List two types of software you know of.                                                                                                           (4)       
  3. Give examples of the software you listed in your above answer  (q 2). Two for each type of software. In your own words describe the difference between single applications and application packages.                                   (4)
  4. Explain the concept of GUI                                                                                                                              (2)
  5. Explain the term grayed-out in computer jargon.                                                                                             (2)

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  • Pay careful attention to the instructions 


  • Before answering questions, take note of the mark allocation and your answer length should be per the allocation mark. For instance, one fact equals one mark and two facts equals two marks e.t.c. 
  • Is the learner able to define the term Software?
  • Is the learner able to list examples of software
  • Is the learner able to distinguish between Application and System Software?
  • Is the learner able to explain the term GUI/Graphical User Interface?
  • Is the learner able to describe the term Grayed Out?


  • Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. Eg: M Word, Notepad, M Excel
  • There are two types of software namely; System and Application Software
  • Application software: a group of programs that perform specific tasks for us as users. Examples: gaming software, Word processing software, Photo editing software, etc

  • System software: software that is intended to control, support or operate the computer. Examples: Operating System, Utility Software (such as Anti-virus software, Compression software (Winzip), etc.

  • GUI: A graphical user interface is an interface, presented to the user in a graphical way, using icons and other visual aids.

  • Grayed out:  If an option is grayed out, then that option is currently not available.






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