Solar System Exploration


You've recently been recruited by NASA to become an astronaut. Your mission is to visit and explore each planet of our solar system in a space ship.





1. Create a PowerPoint about the planets of our solar system.

2. While creating the PowerPoint slides, make sure you title each slide with the planet's name in order from closest to farthest away from the sun.

3. Write 5 interesting facts about each planet.

4. Make sure you include a picture of the planet that corresponds to each slide.





  • Visit the websites below.

  • Incorporate the written information from the websites into your PowerPoints.



Rubric score for "Solar System PowerPoint"

1= Inefficeint; 2= Proficeint; 3= Excellent

Must receive a score of a 9 or higher to pass.

  1 2 3 Points
Content Knowledge The student does not match the written requirements. Does not include 5 facts for each planet on at least 3 slides. The student meets some written requirements but not all. Writes 5 facts for each planet on at least 6 slides. The student follows all written requirements and writes 5 facts for all their planet slides.   
Grammar The student has more than 5 grammatical errors. The student has more than 2 grammatical errors. The student has no grammatical errors.  
Neatness The student's PowerPoint is hard to follow and the slides are unorganized. The student's PowerPoint has at least 6 presentable slides. All of the student's PowerPoint slides are organized and easy to read.  
References The student doesn't include references for their written work or pictures. The student includes some references for their written work and their pictures, but doesn't cite all of their work. The student includes all references for written work and pictures.  


Present your PowerPoint, conclude your facts, and share to the class.

Discuss what you like about the project and what was the most challenging obstacle during your presentation to the class as well.



Teacher Page

The purpose of this project is to educate students about the planets of the solar system. This project is suited for 6th grade science. No clip art was used.