Solar System Webquest


A solar system consists of the Sun and the celestial bodies which are bound to its field of gravity. These celestial bodies include asteroids, meteors, satellites or moons, comets and planets. The planets in our solar system each have their own distinct characteristics, some of which are directly related to their distance from the Sun.

Through this webquest, you will collect information about each of the planets' unique characteristics, and then use that data to create a series of postcards about your travels. You will need to answer the questions in your booklet during your journey to organize your data before starting the project.


Start by looking through some general information about space to get to know how our solar system was formed, what makes a planet a planet, and the correct order our planets are in starting closest to the sun.

1. How do scientists believe the solar system was formed? (scroll down the page to find this section of text.

2. What are the three characteristics needed to be labeled a planet?

3. What is the order of the planets according to their distance from the Sun? Before you begin exploring each planet, have a look through some general information about our solar system.

Once you've answered the questions above, using the following websites, fill in the specific questions about each planet.


The Nine (now eight) Planets

Our Solar System (National Geographic)

To find your weight on other planets come see Mr. West to weigh yourself and then head to this website to convert your weight! Then check how old you would be on different planets!

Find your weight on other planets

Find your age on other planets