Solar System WebQuest 2


Good morning students! We will be starting our day by learning about the solar system. While going on this web quest you are going to be learning about what a solar system, learning some cool and interesting facts about the planets, and creating a poster of your favorite planet. There is a packet provided for you to write your answers down in. I am so looking forward to reading your packets at the end, but I am more excited about seeing the awesome posters that I know you all will create. So get ready for a ride through our solar system!The solar system: Facts about our cosmic neighborhood | Live Science




At the end of the web quest you will be able to identify what a solar system is and some facts about the planets. But first, here is some general questions that need to be answered in your solar system packet.

1.) What does solar system mean? 

2.) How many planets are in our solar system?

3.) What is the correct order of the planets, starting with the closest to the Sun.

The next questions is specific to each planet.

4.) Name three things that either describe or are a fun fact about each planet. 

Please remember to record your answers in your solar system packet. The questions are labeled in the packet according the the number for the question.

However, each planet will have its own individual page in the packet, where you will write the name of the planet in the space above, and record your three facts about the planet. I would suggest writing the name of the planets in order for the individual planet section, however this is not a requirement. Just be sure to list them in order when answering question number 2! 


Here are the links and resources you will need to answer each question, and the individual planet section. The corresponding link number is the video or article that needs to be watched or read in order to answer that question. I hope you all enjoy the resources that are provided. You should be able to pause the videos so you have time to answer the questions. Some of the links provided also have additional information in them. You can use whatever resources I provide for you to answer the questions, however the link that is provided next to the number will for sure answer that question.  

1.) What does solar system mean?

2.) How many planets are in out solar system?  

3.) Use the Youtube video above to answer question number 3!

Here are different resources to things for you to fill out the individual planet facts. It does not matter to me what links you use. Maybe use only 1, use as many as you want. There is some good info in here so have some fun with it!



The links that are provided will go along with the corresponding question number. If for some reason you watch the videos out of order that is ok! Most, if not all of the articles and videos provided will answer all of your questions in your packet. I will be checking your packets to make sure the first 3 questions are answered correctly. The next part of the packet it listing the plants and coming up with some cool or interesting things about each one. You then pick your favorite planet, and make a colorful poster with the name of the planet, and your fun facts. I can not wait to see what you all come up with! 


After you web quest, I hope that you have gained some new knowledge about our solar system. It's amazing to think that scientist have already learned so much, but there is still so much more information to learn. When going through this activity, think about what it might be like to live on a different planet other than Earth, or could there be other living things out in the solar system some where? 

After your poster is completed, please hang up your creation on the wall marked solar system. Be sure to check out all the other posters that your classmates have done. Did anyone else pick the same planet as you for their favorite? Did they come up with the same facts as you? What new things did you learn about while doing this solar system activity?

I hope you enjoyed learning about our awesome solar system!!