Some Famous People from History


For your homework this week and for the holidays I invite you to read the attached link about a famous person and make notes.

You have each been assigned a number which corresponds to a famous person taken from the Happy Earth book.


Make notes about the famous person you have been allocated corresponding to the number given to you in class.

Of course, you can read about the other famous people if you have time.

Please bring your notes about the assigned person to school for Wednesday February 26th so that you and your partner can make a poster for display in the school corridor.

The poster paper will be A3 in size.

Come with other ideas about how to make the poster interesting to read and attractive to the other pupils and teachers in the school.

Come with any special pens/paper/scissors and other resources to decorate the poster.

Happy research!


Johannes Gutenberg
1 and 2
Helen Keller
3 and 4 and 5
Vincent van Gogh
6 and 7
Pablo Picasso
8 and 9
William Shakepeare
10 and 11
Hernan Cortes
12 and 13
James Cook
14 and 15
Thomas Edison
16 and 17
Marie Curie
18 and 19
Mother Theresa
20 and 21

Stephen Hawking

22 and 23

Erno Rubik

For the whole class!



Personal satisfaction for a job well done!

Praise from students and teachers who read your poster in the corridor.

Successful partnership.