South Of Broad Novel Project


South Of Broad is a novel book that involves a young man with a traumatic childhood help others out with their past struggles. He sets out to put others before him as he goes on a an adventure of a lifetime. A dangerous man follows every move they make as they search for their long, lost friend.Image result for south of broad


This webquest will offer multiple links connects deeply into the novel. The questions from the links should be answered after reading as they may be embedded in the text. There may be open response questions or obvious questions but they must be answered accurately. All links are found in the process bar


1. Leo comes home to find his older brother dead in the bathroom bleeding out of his cuts on his wrist. His death not only affected him but his perfect family and friends.

2. Leo is at his first high school party when cops raid the house. Leo hides a bag of cocaine that was given to him from a stranger that played football. He refused to tell the identity of the stranger and served a consequence that he didn't deserve due to his innocence.

3. Sheba and Trevor Poe's dad repeatedly abuses them sexually and physically. He enjoys it while destroying his kids mind slowly with each appearance that he makes.

4. A new black football coach enters into the school resulting in several white kids leaving with hatred. His son Ike, who also plays football, has to deal with the harassment from his fellow white classmates until Leo resolves it with the help of his other new friends.

5. Trevor notifies Leo about a hidden sex video involving his older brother Steve and church priest. It is revealed that Monsignor Max brutally raped a young and helpless blonde boy, Steve.


1. Suicide- What factors contribute to the thoughts of commiting suicide?

What percentage of the people that commited suicide did not have a known mental health condition?

Are there any warning signs of this issue? 

How could this information stopped Steve from taking his life?

2. Cocaine- Where is this stimulant derived from?

What is a simple possession and does it apply to teens?

Are there any defenses against possession of this?

The penalty of having this in your pocket is what?

3. Pedophilia- What is the term for pedophilia and does this occur often?

Are there any conditions diagnosed from this? If so then explain more in detail the types that exist?

Causes of commiting this are what?

Can the people who do this be treated? If so then explain how?

4. Racism in Sports- Were there any leagues created specifically for the colored?

Could the colored people play with white people if they wanted to?

Does this problem still persist in today's world?

Were there any sports in which the blacks were really good at?

5- Sexual Abuse in Church- How long has this problem existed?

Are there any measures that can prevent this?

Do the Catholics try covering up the "scandals" that occur?

Should you trust your child with a Catholic Priest for an overnight "praying and bleesing"?


These circumstances which have occured to most people have also helped them become more stronger and diverse. The problems that existed back in the late 20th century should have already been terminated. But with the help of a single good friend, the people that get hurt overcome their obstacles and achieve something greater than life.