Space Explorer


                                                                   By Karen McCurley

Planning a tour across the solar system, including the opportunity to practice skills in mathematics, reading, ELA, social studies and science.

Greetings! My name is Captain Amki. I have searched the universe for just the right people to help with my solar system tours! We will have lots of fun. We even pretend to be pirates! Don't worry though- we are good guys.


We have so much to do before we set sail to the stars. You will need to choose jobs, determine how many people to take on which ship, pick and research your planets and make a wonderful brochure to convince people to travel my tour ship.


As new crew members, you will be required to split up responsibilities. I am the captain (because, hey, I own the tour line!). There are plenty of other jobs to go around. your first job is to determine who will be the following:

Task 1) Assign Quarter Master, Sailing Master and Boatswain

Teacher Page

Students will have the opportunity to review previous skills and also increase ability to perform new ones. Students will practice skills using real examples (albeit out of this world!)

You will be practicing skills in the following standards. Remember you will be assessed according to your own grade level.

R. ES. 6.4: Identify the appropriate search term to answer a question if using technology.
R. ES. 7.6: Identify two facts in a text.
R. ES. 7.1: Using a current event, identify the sentence that indicates the topic of the text.
R. ES. 7.6: Identify two facts in a text.
R. ES. 8.3: Identify the sentence that summarizes a four-sentence passage
R. ES. 8.6: Identify an opinion in a text.
M. ES 6.2: Recognize multiplication as repeated addition using fives and tens.
M. ES 6.4: Determine the total value of unlike coins including pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters up to $1.00
M.ES.7.2: Determine the percentage of a given number using the percent key (%) on a calculator.
M.ES.7.3: Multiply a one or two digit number by a one digit number using a calculator.
M.ES.8.2: Calculate sales tax (using a calculator if needed).
M.ES.8.3: Express a simple number sentence to solve a real-world word problem using addition and subtraction.
SS. ES 7.2 Identify areas in a budget. 
SCI. ES 6.1: Identify seasonal weather conditions.
SCI. ES 6.2: Compare structures of the Earth’s surface. 
SCI. ES 7.2: Identify how plants and animals are interdependent within an ecosystem 
SCI. ES 7.3: Identify environmental factors that influence growth of organisms.  
SCI. ES 7.4: Answer questions to demonstrate knowledge of inherited traits.
W. ES 6.2 Develop a sequence of events using written or illustrated steps provided.
LA. ES 6.1 Identify a person, place, thing, or event from a personal experience and one fact about the person, place, thing, or event in a one-on-one conversation.
LA. ES 6.2 Make 2-3 informative statements about a current event or issue. 
LA. ES 6.3 Describe pictures or tactile representations with adjectives.
W. ES 7.1 Write or type simple words using inventive spelling.
W. ES 7.3 Identify a search term for a selected topic.
LA. ES 7.1 Sustain one exchange or turn in a collaborative discussion with peers and an adult in a small group.
LA. ES 7.2 Make 2-3 persuasive statements.
W. ES 8.2 Dictate or illustrate 2-3 details about a character for a real or imagined story being created.
W. ES 8.3 Use provided relevant information for a selected topic to complete a graphic organizer.
LA. ES 8.1 Sustain two or more exchanges or turns during a one-on-one discussion on a topic of choice. 
LA. ES 8.2 Make 2-3 inspirational or entertaining statements. 
LA. ES 8.3 State two or more steps related to a content area problem or issue using key vocabulary for mathematics, science, or social studies