Spiders in Hawaii


This lesson will walk you through the rainforests of Hawaii and the Happy Face Spider, an endangered species.

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As you read the articles and look at the pictures you will be taking notes on the main idea, or gist, of each in your journal. After you finish reading all of the articles you will write an informational paragraph describing the Happy Face Spider following the rubric provided. You will also answer text-dependent questions related to the Happy Face Spider.

You will also be looking for text features that are shown in the articles and adding them to your Informational Text Features chart in your Journal.

Important Vocabulary to Add to Personal Glossary:

  • Species: a specific type of something (plant or animal; living thing)
  • Extinction: when a species does not exist anymore; not a single one of its kind remains on the planet
  • Endangered: when a species is in danger of no longer existing
  • Theory: an idea that explains why something happens or exists
  • Conservationist: a person who takes an active part in the protection of the environment

Please click the links below to learn more about Hawaii and it's climate. Remember, this is just building your background knowledge before learning and taking notes about the Happy Face Spider.




Please click the links below to learn more about the Happy Face Spider. As you read each article, please take notes on the main idea, or gist, of each and include important details in your journal. These notes will help you to write your detailed, descriptive paragraph at the end of the lesson. Write down any text features that you notice from each article onto your Informational Text Features chart in your Journal.






Please click the links below to learn more about the deforestation happening in Hawaii, resulting in the Happy Face Spider becoming endangered.






Partner Work:

  1. Compare your notes about the Happy Face Spider with a partner and summarize what you both wrote down as the main idea, or gist, and important details. Re-read the articles if you need to find more details about the Happy Face Spider.
  2. Compare the text features that you wrote down after reading each article and add any that you may have missed. Reread articles if needed.

Independent Work: 

Go to Google Classroom and find the assignment named: M2-U1-L4: Descriptive Paragraph. Type your paragraph following the rubric provided on the assignment.


Independent Work:

Answering Text Dependent Questions

Complete the Google Classroom assignment labeled: M2-U1-L5: Text-Dependent Questions in complete sentences. Use RACE in your responses.

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Extend Your Thinking:

Find out what society is doing to help save the rainforests and learn what you can do to help the conservation efforts. Write down some ideas on ways that you can do to help.




Virtual Treehouse:

Click this link to examine the Virtual Treehouse: https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/interactives/treehouse

Jungle Rangers:

Click this link to examine the species that live in the rainforest: https://pbskids.org/plumlanding/games/explorer/jungle_rangers.html

Virtual Rainforest:

Travel to the rainforest and learn about the different creatures that live there: https://msu.edu/user/urquhart/rainforest/