Sports In Poland


The aim of this WebQuest is to allow students to find out about the history of sports in Poland and collect information that they find the most interesting. All in English!


The task of this WebQuest is to get learners acquainted with the most popular types of sports in Poland along with learning more about the men and women of sport of their choice and interest. It involves vocabulary related to sport. Leaners will create presentations about their chosen sport and persona of sport.


Before you start. You are going to create a 5 minute presentation of a sport of your choice and it's brief history in Poland. Also, mention at least one person related to the sport. The presentation may include photographs, but no direct copy/paste text as your speech will be used for that.

1. Get to know the history of sport in Poland.

2. Learn about Poland's history at the Oympics.

3. Learn about Polish people of sport.

4. Choose 1 sport and a person attached to it. Share your choice at our group. No duplicates allowed!

5. Create your presentation. May be digital or speech only. No longer than 5 minutes. Keep it short, rehearse and count your time. Try not to read from the paper, but write down clues that will keep your speech fluent.

6. E-mail your presentation for acceptance to the teacher. 


Evaluation process will be based solely on the speech of the learner. 





EXTRA POINTS FROM THE LISTENERS 20p (as given by the class members)



30p - 2

45p - 3

60p - 4

75p - 5



The learners have not only learned new information, but also practice speaking in front of others with prepared information. This WebQuest makes for a great Matura preparation as learners are able to train their presenting and speaking abilities.