Spring Break Hotel Project

Everyone knows that Cancun, Mexico is the most popular destination for Spring Break each year. There are over 200 hotels in the area, and each are in direct competition with one another. Paradise Hotel is a brand-new hotel which is set to open in February 2020, just in time for spring break! However, the hotel owners are having a hard time coming up with ideas on how to get people to stay at their establishment as opposed to their competitors. You and your creative team have been hired to help. It is your job to come up with various marketing strategies that can take this hotel to the #1 accommodation in Mexico. Your team should follow the tasks in order. Then create a PowerPoint presentation that will help you and your team pitch your new hotel to a group of potential investors! 

Task One:
  • Determine a location in Cancun for your hotel and create a name. 
    • Explain why you choose the location and name that you did. 
Task Two:
 Task Three:
  • Provide an inside look at your hotel.
    • Display pictures of guest room, lobbies, pool area, etc.
    • Create a description of the amenities of each picture.
Task Four:
Task Five:
Task Six:
  • Find three things to do in the surrounding area that you could suggest as an activity to your guest. 
Task Seven:
When meeting in your groups, follow the schedule listed below. This WebQuest will take a total of five class periods. Also, use the links to articles posted in the Task section. This will help you complete each task. 
  • Day One: Introduction, Task One
  • Day Two: Task Two, Task Three
  • Day Three: Task Four, Task Five
  • Day Four: Task Six, Task Seven  
  • Day Five: Finish any tasks that you have not completed and create your PowerPoint Presentation. 
Name, Pictures, Reasons for Location
Inside Look at the Hotel (Guest Rooms, Lobby, etc.)
Target Market and Reasoning
Pricing Strategy
Three Different Room Categories
Five Amenities
Things to do in the Surrounding Area
Marketing/Advertising Strategies
Overall Effort
Total Points


Congratulations you have completed preparing your pitch for your new hotel! Now it is time to present your idea in front of potential investors!
Teacher Page
Throughout this WebQuest students will work in teams to complete each task they are assigned. They will work together to practice their knowledge of marketing and relate it to a real world scenario. The Spring Break Project follows the following learning standards for career development and occupational studies:
  • Standard 2: Integrated Learning
    • Students will demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace and other settings.
  • Standard 3a: Universal Foundation Skills
    • Students will demonstrate mastery of the foundation skills and competencies essential for success in the workplace.  
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