In this unit, we will analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history. You are a journalist that has been sent along with the colonist and you have to interview colonists and ask how they feel about the colonization, how Oglethorpe is doing as a leader and the relationship established between the English settlers and the Indians. After collecting research from three different colonists, you need to use all the research and create a newspaper headline for the people for Great Britain.

Key Terms for Usage: 

James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, Savannah, Yamacraw Bluff, Jews, Salzburgers, Malcontents, Highland Scots, Trustees, Trustee Period


With the three types of writing responses, listed below is what they should include.

1. Write an article about a colonists feelings about the voyage over to the new world. This should include how long the trip lasted, the casualties of possible food shortages they may of experienced. Feel free to add interesting information or "fluff" it up a little in order to sound like breaking news.

2. The other article will be an interview with another colonists who will kind of give insight on Oglethorpe as a leader. Describe some of the decisions he has made as well as how the colonists feel about him. Also describe how Oglethorpe encourages or disagrees with the development in present day Savannah.

3.The third article should include the relationship and interaction between the Indians and the colonists. Explain any fights, or even agreements set between the two different groups. 


As a journalist, you will have many different steps to take in order to make the final newspaper copy. 

1. Read over assignment and figure out what is expected of you. Read the 3 sections needed or the newspaper and determine which events you will research and so forth. 

2.Once you have determined the material you want to use, then begin research.

3. Once you feel you have all the information you will need for each section, start writing the rough draft of your newspaper. Remember to go back and check specifics of the 3 different areas.

4.You have completed your rough drafts? Great, find an adult to proofread these for you. Ask them to, not only look for spelling and punctuation errors, but read it to see if it makes sense. Then revise it and make sure you have met all the requirements specified.

5. Use a template to type your final drafts onto your newspaper. If you have technical difficulties, feel free to ask for help. Once you have all areas typed out, READ OVER ALL YOUR ARTICLE CAREFULLY for any errors. Then ask your teacher to help you print out your final copy so that you may add the comic strip to it.

6. After you have added your comic strip to the newspaper with pencil, color it how you wish it to look and turn it in.


You will be graded off neatness, and work that follows and meets the requirements. 

A rubric will be given once the rough drafts begin.


Now that you have completed your research, you should have a good idea how it was to be in Britain during the colonization period new world waiting on the newspaper. Be ready to present your information to your classmates and to listen to their findings as well.


Travisa Atkinson