State and local government



Questions- 1.) Who's Florida's governor right now? 2.) What # of Governor is he? 3.) What is his main goal? 

Answers- Our Florida governor right now is Rick Scott. He's the 45th governor of Florida and he is focused on creating jobs and bettering our economy. 




Questions- 1.) Where was trump headed? 2.) Why was he going there?

Answers- Trump was headed to Miami, South Florida to discuss a tax cut on small businesses. 



Questions- 1.) Why was this one of the best state and local government meetings? 2.) When did this meeting take place? 

Answers- This was one of the best state and local government meetings because it focused on educational topics such as wellness, cost, containment, best practices, etc.. That is what they were looking for and the meeting was exceptional. This was a 3 day meeting that took place a few years ago on April 24-27 2016. 



Questions- 1.) Who is the 2018 vice chairmen? 2.) What are her current experiments going on right now? 3 .) What district is she in? 

Answers- Our 2018 Vice chairmen is Karen Williams Seal. Her most current experiments are Health and Human services leadership board, homeless leadership, etc.. She's in District 5.