states of matter for 4th graders


        Attention all fourth graders!!

I am doing an experiment on states of matter and I need Your help!!

I want to identify  the Materials which I brought. BUT , there is one small problem...

There are so differences in their states!!
that means that I will need to help me
to know differs in their matter states.


Each student will be responsible for working as part of a team to create a short Power point presentation of at least 7 slides.


First of all, we will watch an Instructional video about states of matter.

then,you will help me to identify the states of matter which I brought.



  • compare between solid , liquid and gas state?


Materials differ from each other in their matter state.

The matter could found in one state or more and can be changed such as:

▪The change of ice into water and the change of water into water vapor

•Each matter state has its physical properties which are different from those of other states.

States of matter:

Matter exists in three states

Solid state (ice, wood)

Liquid state (water,oil)

Gaseous state (water vapor, air)