Staying Alive


We are about to see the differences of animals around us.

Because there are many different animals, they live differently, and have different ways of staying alive.

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Let us play detective, you will need to observe different animals and their ways of staying alive!

1. Think of 5 animals you probably see regularly

2. How does it look like? Big ears? two legs? four legs?

3. What is their food? grass? meat? fruits?

4. Where do they live? water? land? trees?

Do they have the same way to stay alive? 

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The steps you need to take

1. Find out that different animals have different ways of staying alive

2. First of all, differentiate animals you see regularly and wild animals

3. Try to think of why animals you see regularly is different with the wild animals?

4. Make a label, draw your animals and the characteristics, and mentioned their ways of staying alive. 

Your drawing

The Characteristics

Their Ways of Staying Alive



5. Find your information through discussion, books, or internet.

6. You are allowed to use crayons and colored pencil. 






The drawings

Drawing is accurate, present the shape, and the characteristic of animals. 

One part of the drawing is inaccurate. 

Drawings are inaccurate.


The characteristic of the animal is presented clearly with words. 

One or two characteristic mentioned is inaccurate and ideas are not presented. 

Characteristic explanation is not presented. 

Ways of Staying Alive

All parts of staying alive from the food and their habitats is mentioned clearly. 

Not all parts are labeled, but 3 or 4 ideas are presented. 

Less than 3 ideas are presented. Ideas are not align with the fact. 



Great, now you are a qualified animal detective! Congratulations!

As we can see, animals live in different places and they have different ways of staying alive. From the food until their ways of protecting their lives, animal have their own unique ways to do so. 

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Created by: 

Ruth Widodo

Tiara Rampengan