Steve Sheinkin's BOMB


The race to build and steal the World's most dangerous weapon. Steve Sheinkin's book, Bomb, describes the race to build the atomic bomb with secret research facilities and spies trying to steal the technology. 


Complete each of the questions using text evidence from 


1. Using text evidence describe the Enrico Fermi's Chicago experiment?



2. Elaborate the reasons the FBI believed Oppenheimer was sneaking information to the Soviets?



3. In 1944, Los Alamos was just one small part of the Manhattan Project, describe the concerns regarding the Oakridge, Tennessee site?



4. Describe the Trinity site and the significance of the test?



5. In your opinion, after examining the position of the of Colonel Tibbets, the pilot of Enola Gay, could you complete the mission?







All questions provide relevant information that describe the novel's explanation with all necessary text evidence

3 pts.

All questions provide relevant summaries that describes the novel's text information with some necessary text evidence

1 pts 

All questions provide some relevant summaries that partially describes the text information without text evidence.

0 pts.

The questions do not accurately provide relevant summaries and is without text evidence or inaccurate text evidence



The assignment is to investigate the historical events of the race to create the atomic bomb and to increase comprehension of the events by evaluating and making inference from the text content. The activity will increase the students prior knowledge of the subject and provide information for future learning on the subject.