Stock Trading/Tracking Assignment


Greetings Class, 

     In this assignment, we are going to be going over the fundamentals that we have been going over in regards to using the financial markets, and how through financial tracking, we are able to use the market to possibly learn more about using the stock market to potentially make a profit, and learn from the various trends that are created through the daily ups & downs within a particular market. The principles that you will use to complete this assignment (of which I previously taught you earlier) are the foundational basics that every investor needs to accomplish before even considering engaging in a financial project. Further detail is explained throughout this WebQuest. 


Read the following page about the company that you are going to use as a reference for this assignment... OIL. After reading about the commodities market, you'll have a better understanding of how it works, and what market forces do to a market.  

Use Microsoft Excel (google sheets) & Yahoo Finance, and download the HISTORICAL DATA from 2/5/14 - 2/5/18, this should give you a good range as to the trends that you are going to be seeing. 

Start by making a line graph with the data that you downloaded (also be sure to change the Adj. Closing data into $ format). 

Next, look at the graph that you created, and average out the price per year (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) 

Ask yourself this... "Has the price gone down, stayed the same, gone higher?" Why do you believe that this is the case (outside forces, etc...) 



Step 1.) Open tab on your laptop. 

Step 2.) Hit the time period bar, and change date range from 2/5/14 through 2/5/18 


Step 4.) The data should be downloaded as an excel file (google sheets) 

Step 5.) Tap the B COLUMN at the top of the bar in excel (should highlight entire column with data), and then tap the $ symbol to get the numbers in currency format. 

Step 6.) DELETE all columns with information KEEPING only the date section & Adj. Close section. 

Step 6.) SELECT all the datasets (Date & Adj. Close), and then go to INSERT>CHART 

Step 7.) A line graph should appear with the date being on the x-axis, with the prices being on the y-axis. 

Step 8.) Look at what the data is saying, and then answer the questions that are detailed in the TASK segment. 

Be sure to also read the additional information in the link that I posted, and use what you learn in that article to further advance your understanding of what is going on within that specific dataset. 


My evaluation of your project is going to be based on how well you are able to follow the steps that I am providing you, as well as the interpretation that you write in regards as to what is going on with the OIL security. There can be many different answers as to what is going on in regards to the data that is present, but it will rely on the properties that you have previously learned from principles covered in our classes. 


I will expect the following from you... 

1.) an Excel or Google Sheets file with everything that I expect from you in terms of data

2.) a Word or Google Docs file with the questions that I asked from you to answer