Super Bowl...


Hello students! 

Your task today will be to learn more about Super Bowl.  I believe all of you know that Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League. Think about what makes it so popular and unique. 

As a prelude to this webquest please make sure you watch this year's half time show featuring The Weekend. 


How big of a show is it? 


Your task will be to cover two aspects of Super Bowl: main information about Super Ball and its media coverage. 

Founded facts about those two issues you need to present in form of an interesting presentation for your classmates as well as prepare a short half time Super Bowl show. For the show, prepare a song and be ready to justify your choice. 

You can make use of any props, costumes, multimedia presentation, posters etc. Your imagination is your only limit. 

Good luck guys!


Step 1: Divide yourselves into groups. There should be maximum of 5 people in the group. When you are ready with the division let me know who with whom is. Now you need to choose name for your group *it should somehow sound like a football team. BE CREATIVE!*

Step 2: Find answers to questions below.

1) What sport do Super Bowl players play?

2) Where does it take place? 

3) Which year did the first tournament take place?

4) What type of elimination system is used? What does it mean and how it works?

5)What was the name of the final game before 1966? 

6) Tournament takes place each year on the first Sunday in .........................? 

7)Super Bowl is the second most watched sport event emitted in TV, what is the number one then? 

8) What are the commercials during Super Bowl like? How much do they cost? 

9) How did the early half time shows look like? How long do they last now? 

10) Find some information about the national anthem during Super Bowl. 

11) In which year did Super Bowl break the viewership record? How many people watched it?

FINAL QUESTION: In your opinion, why is Super Bowl so popular? How media encourage people to watch it? 


Step 3: Prepare a 7 facts about Super Bowl that surprised you? Explain why you picked them.

Step 4: Discuss how you are going to present it. 

Step 5: Start thinking about your half time show. Do a research on how they look, maybe watch an additional couple of videos. 

Step 6: Prepare everything according to your previous arrangements.

Final step: Present all you've got! Steal the show. 


Make sure you met all the requirements, included all the points that were listed above and you prepared the show. All of the stages of your task will be graded which include: answering questions, making presentation on FINAL QUESTION and 7 facts of your choice, and completing your show


0 points

1 point

2 points

3 points


Students did not manage to answer the questions or they’ve got them wrong.

Students answered with major mistakes.

Students answered with minor mistakes.

Yeey! Success, all questions were correct.


Students haven’t prepared a presentation.

Students prepared presentation very poorly.

Students prepared presentation with slight mistakes.

Yeey, that presentation was great.


Students haven’t prepared a show at all.

Students prepared it negligently.

Students struggled a little but managed to finish without major problems.

Yeey, amazing job everything was all right, great show, good song, pronunciation on point.


How are you feeling after completing this task? What have you learned? 


Which presentation you like best? Which fact surprised you the most? 


I hope you are proud of your hard work and actually you've learned something from this project both cultural wise and language wise. 


Thank you for your participation. 

Teacher Page

Throughout this WebQuest students will research on the Super Bowl and connected issues. They have to cooperate and create presentation and half time show. Beside cultural focus there is more to this project as I hope it encourages students to search for information in foreign language so they can learn new vocabulary items and solidify their grammatical knowledge. It requires students to divide themselves into groups and share the responsibilities thus they learn how to efficiently conduct a group work.