Supply Chain 101: Student as Consumer


Through this WebQuest, you the student will act as the consumer within the marketplace. Your will be tracing your product along the supply chain. You will explore marketing and economic terms such as supply, demand, inventory, and supply chain. You will use critical thinking skills to put yourself in the place of how a product is sourced and ultimately delivered to you, the consumer. In a Microsoft Word document you will answer questions posed within designated areas of the WebQuest. Again, you are assuming the role of consumer and breaking down your product of choice along the supply chain. Have fun!  See your instructor for any further guidance or questions on this assignment. 


Let's Get Started! Let's Start at the Very Beginning..............Definition and vocabulary time. Let the words be your guide to the supply chain process! Using your text, class notes, and your knowledge of the subject area define and use the following vocabulary words in a sentence:


supply chain



raw materials








For this activity simulation, you as the consumer will be choosing a product or an item you wish to purchase: Before beginning you have a Monetary limit of $200. Ready, Set, Spend, Research and track the product along the supply chain. What's it take to get it to you?

First: Research the steps required to get the product from order to delivery. Choose your product and how much it's gonna cost (purchase, tax, and delivery charge; unless it's Amazon Prime, my favorite!)

Next: Trace or formulate the steps of the supply chain.

Finally: Include how the product was created, distributed, and delivered. See resources available within the credits to assist in the completion of you task. Record all steps and procedures within a Word Document. Remember to check out the rubric given for assessment of your task. And Go!


Rubric for supply chain steps included, budgetary restrictions, terminology and word usage:




Steps within Supply Chain Recorded:

Budgetary Restrictions Met:




Source/Raw Materials









Purchase Cost






Delivery Fee/Shipping




1 = Poor

3 = Fair

5 = Excellent


Word Usage














Supply Chain










1 = Poor

3 = Fair

5 = Excellent


What you should Understand and Learning Advice, A Conclusion:

You are a consumer

Product Passes along a Supply Chain

Inventory is an important part of the Supply Chain

A fundamental working knowledge of vocabulary and terminology

Consumers must work within budgetary constraints

Supply and demand decide the price and quantity of what's available to purchase as a consumer

Factors within the economy affect the supply chain

Learning Advice to arrange information within the scope of this WebQuest can be tailored within an outline (See fig. 10.5/10.6 of Vacca, 2021) or flow chart especially on tracing supply chain steps of your product or good. Double entry journals may also prove helpful within the scope of your research tasks. 





Textbook: Intro to Marketing and Economics (Link to Textbook here)

Supplements or book Power Points (Link to Power Point from Text applicable chapters here)

CNN Business: Perspectives: Harmon, T. "Supply Chain Issues will Impact your Holiday Shopping. Companies Like Mine Will Have Fewer Products and Higher Prices, " August 26, 2021. 

Teacher Page

My name is Allison Greer and I've created this digital lesson by using WebQuest for my Reading and Writing in the Content Areas Class MAT5540. I have included an Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation Rubric, Conclusion and Learning Advice within the Conclusion tab, and Resources given within the Credit tab as well as this teacher page.  Hope you've enjoyed it.