Synthesis Project: Child Carers Webquest


The number of young carers in the UK, Australia, and even the US is growing.  Child carers are young people who are responsible for the care of their parents or some other relative in their household.  There is much concern worldwide for the emotional and psychological health of these children.  



To complete this Webquest, you will view the attached video and read each of the linked articles.  You will complete a dialectical journal including all items.  Then you will use your collected evidence and warrants to develop your claim about the topic in an AP Synthesis essay.  


Your evaluation for this project will consist of completing a dialectical journal for each source and writing an AP Synthesis Essay (graded with the AP Synthesis Rubric).

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Materials for completion: 

  • Dialectical Journal Template

  • Dialectical Journal Rubric

  • Synthesis Essay Rubric