health fads


What is a health fad:

A health fad is usually called a fad diet or sometimes a crash diet. There are so many of them they are mostly crazy ways to lose weight some of them can be helpful, but some can cause harm to your health or in some cases death.

Overall Assignment:

Our Overall Assignment is to complete a serise of task that each have something different to do with health fads and show them on a WebQuest.



Task A: Task A ask us to creat a table, in this table we have to inclued examples of new and old health fads and there details in our own words.

Task B: Task B ask us to choose three health fads from the worksheet and answer the questons in full sentences.

Task C: Task C asks to research online to find examples where health fads haves caused harm.

Task D: Task D ask us to write a mini report that includes information that we got from the video.

Task E: Task E ask us to find three famous people that are on or have tried a health fad and then make a chain dagram about the person, what the health fad is and the negative side effects of that fad. 




 Task A:

Health Fad


 Weight Loss Pills:

People can get diet pills over the counter or online in the hope of losing weight fast and without any effort. Most diet pills don't work, and some are even dangerous to your health. You should read labels for contents and talk to your doctor before taking any pills.

 Atkins Diet:

The Atkins Diet limits carbohydrates in order to change a person's metabolism so that stored body fat is converted to energy rather than glucose, which is the body's natural sugar. On this a person eats whole unprocessed foods. It is said to be good for your heart health but could cause kidney stones and low bone density. 

 Sauna Pants:

 You strap on the sauna pants and turn on the heat, which is 95-160 degrees. It makes your legs, stomach and bottom sweat. The pants also vibrate. They are supposed to "melt" fat.

 Kale Craze:






 Kale is one of the healthest vegtables. One cup of copped up kale is 9% of our daily calcium needs. The Kale craze's trendy health  fad is to have Kale chips, kale salads and even kale shakes. Kale might also be bad for autoimmune systems.




Zumba is a fitness program organised around dancing. People go to live classes or put on a DVD and do hip-hop, samba, salsa, mamba and other dance styles. Squats and lunges are part of the routine, too. It's great for building muscles, endurance and the heart. It's also fun!

Task B:


Q.1. Zumba is promoted by their facebook page, the flyers they handout and the people that come.

Weight loss pills:

Q.1. Weight loss pills are promoted on the TV, Magazines and at chemist that sell them.

Sauna Pants:

Q.1. Sauna pants are marketed on the internet and Television infomercials.









Q.3. The reason I think the promotion of Zumba works is because a lot of people have facebook so they can see it on peoples pages, when people tell their friends about it friends usually will go at least once and people will just see flyer around the place and think if they want to go there or if they don't.

Weight Loss Pills:

Q.3. The reason I think that promotion of weight loss pills works is because people go to chemist on a daily basis and will see the marketed pill, and a lot f people will pick up a magazine and will look at what pills celebrities are trying.

Sauna Pants:

Q.3.The reason I think the marketing of Sauna Pants works is because everyone has a TV and watches it and the other reaosn is because since it is new, when people type up " health fds " Sauna Pants is one of the first things they see.


Q.4.the reasons i think zumba's promotions wouldn't work is because maybe all or most of the people who do it and talk about it on facebook and promote it maybe private so people cant see or people arent following them so dont know about it.

Weight Loss Pills:

Q.4. The reason I think Weight Loss Pills marketing wouldn't work is because of all the results people have got from the pills and that the people that make them don't put all the information or side effects on the label.

Sauna Pants:

Q.4. The reason I think the marketing doesn't work for Sauna Pants is because the infomercials go for way to long and people get sicl of tem, and when people search health fads up o the internet they don't usually type in Sauna Pants they usually just type in the health fad they want to try.



Q.5. The health fad I would try would be Zumba because one, I love dancing, two, because it's a fun way to lose weight not like a noemla one where u have to eat or do what it says and three, because I already it do it and I love it.

Q.6. The health fad I would like to do the least is the Sauna pants because i dont like to sweat that much and even though it sounds really interesting i think it is a lazy way to lose weight.


Q.7.One of the negative side effects is if you don't bring water you will dehydrate and won't feel like continuing.

Weight Loss Pills:

Q.7. One of the negative side effects from Weight Loss Pills is that the people that make them don't put all the side effecs on the labls and that people react differently to different pills so if you don't tell your doctor that you are taking them you may die.

Sauna Pants:

Q.7. The negative side effects to Sauna Pants are dehydration, skin irritation and rashes.

Task C:


Health Fad



Person (Name, Age, Gender,  photo)


Jasmuheen, (Ellen

Greve), 57, female

Duration of Health Fad


from 1990s

Reason for going on Health Fad


A spiritual philosophy



Dialated pupils,

dehydration, kidney

failure, slow speech,

racing pulse.

Did the Health Fad achieve what  it

claimed in any way?


No. People can't live

without food or water.

Details of other similar cases


Verity Linn (died)

Timo Degen (died)

Lani Morris (died)

 Picture of Jasmuheen:


Health Fad


OTC Brought on by High

Protein Dukan Diet


Person (Name, Age, Gender, photo)


Ashley Harrison, 50,



Duration of Health Fad

2 days 


Reason for going on Health Fad


To lose a few extra

pounds ( recommended

by his wife )




Vomiting, Brain Swelling,



Did the Health Fad achieve what it

claimed in any way?



Details of other similar cases


"Penelope", late-thirties.

Four days on Dukan diet.

Sick every night.

Gabrielle Maston.

Day 2: constipation.

Day 3: irritable, foggy

brain, short attention


Day 7: no energy.


Picture of Ashley Harrison:





Task D:Mini Report

This is a mini report on two health fads that were on an episode of Dr. Phil. The two health fads were Tanning/ Tanning beds and the diet pill Phentermine.

People who go on the tanning fad are pale people who want to be tanned because they think it makes them look attractive and makes them feel better. People who take Phentermine pills are over weight and want to lose weight and feel better.

The side effects to tanning is that you get sun damage, wrinkles, though skin and usually skin cancer. The side effects to Phentermine pills are racing heart/, cardiovascular problems, nausea, depression, mood swings and insomnia

Cancers are more prevalent if tanning occurs before 35 years of age, and people say that there is no such thing as a safe tan. Also the UV rays from the sun cause pre- mature aging and 80% of all skin cancers are cuased by over- exposure to UV radiation from the sun and or sun beds.

Phentermine pills have had no clinical trials done by FDH since it was approved in the 1960's. You must only take the the pills under medical supervision for no more then three months. You can also buy Phentermine alternatives to suppress the appetite and burn fat, but weight loss pills are not a replacement for either exercise or a good diet.

Being healthy isn't about the latest fads. It's about taking care of your body and your mind

Task E:



I have learnt that there are many different types of health fads out in the world. Some can be dangerous and harmful to you but some can really help you be healthly and happier.

Companies get people to try health fads by making them look good on TV, paying people to test them and having celebrties go on them and say that they really help.

A good health strategy for long term is to exercise on a regular basis and eat well, which inclueds lots of vegetables and lean meats.


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