Talking about yourself and others


Have you ever met a new friend and introduced yourself in English? 
Self introduction is simply the act of introducing yourself to someone else. You might just be introducing yourself to a new person you have never met before, or you might be introducing yourself to hundreds of people in a class room. Introducing yourself is much more than saying your name. You need to tell some more information about yourself in English. Introducing yourself to strangers can be tricky because it depends on the context, situation (in a job interview, in an email, or give self introduction in English.
Today you will learn how to introducing yourself, so..... lets go!!!!


You are going to learn how to introduce yourself perfeclty and confidently. And make a video of you introducing yourself clearly. Follow step by step in the “process” part from this WebQuest. I’m looking forward to your video, good luck!


Step 1, Do this task individually

Step 2, Make one introductary script that conclude name, age, address, family, like and dislike, and hobby, you can add more information for bonus score, you can take a look these link below to learn more.

Step 3, Practice using the introductory text that you have made, and watch some of this video in this link below as an examples on how you will do the introducing

Step 4, Make a video based on the text you’ve made. Make sure that the video has a good quality. Submit your work (the script and the video) on googleclassroom in 2 weeks. Join the Google Classroom "English Class 7A", with the group kode : ntsyagstyn . Good Luck!



Poor (1 point)

Fair (2 points)

Good (3 points)

Excellent (4 points)


Speech was awkward and incomprehensible at all times

Speech was wakward and incomprehensible to understand some of the time

Speech was awkward at times but always understandable

Speech was clear and comprehensible at all times


Student’s pronunciation was incomprehensible

Student’s pronunciation made understanding dificult

Student’s pronunciation was understandable with some errors

Student’s pronunciation was like a native speaker


Student was unable to speak during the introduction

Student showed great difficulty in introducing, but was able to complete the task 

Student was able to introducing with little difficulty

Student was able to introduce him/herself clearly with no difficulty

Tone and Intonation

Student lacked tone and intonation completely. Speech was robotic and monotonous.

Student showed little change in tone and intonation. Speech was slightly robotic.

Student showed good use of tone and intonation, but the tone or intonation was inappropriate for the context at times

Student showed excellent use of tone and intonation. Both tone and intonation were appropriate.


Student unable to explpain some self information

Student explain about him/herself but not really can’t be understand

Student explain compolete about him/herself but some of information not clear

Student introduce and tell many information clear and easy to understand


Student was awkward during the role play, showing no expression at all

Student was awkward during the role play, but able to show little expression some times

Student showed expression during the role play, but some of the expressions were inappropriate for the context at times

Student showed appropriate expressions for the context during the role play

Video Quality

The quality of the video was bad. The picture was not clear at all and the audio was not clear either, cannot be heard

The quality of the video is fair, some of the picture couldn’t be seen clearly and in some parts the audio was not clear

The quality of the video was good, the picture and the audio were clear, but there was a little noise on the video

The quality of the video was excellent. There is no problem with the video


GOOD JOB! You’ve completed step-by-step activities of learning on how to introduce yourself!!

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The target users of this WebQuest are Junior High School Grade 7 who are interested in learning self-introduction