TANF can help low-income families get out of poverty, but some adverse effects have hindered the poverty population from decreasing. However, program dynamics and characteristics of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF) during the early childhood period is largely out of date and likely suffers from serious measurement error. Without adequate resources, women on TANF have disproportionate numbers of underemployment, homelessness, and continued poverty leading to lower self-efficacy.Since the enactment of the 1996 legislation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA), the growing economic disparities of adequate education and employment training have been confounded by a system ill-prepared to address the underlying factors of trauma and mental health concerns. With increased rates of crime, violence, and substance abuse, rates of trauma have soared, especially in the communities where TANF participation is higher. Historically, the TANF system has not assessed the ability of recipients to cope with trauma and maintain sustainable employment (Frech, 2019).


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Take a moment to think about a mother of six children with no employment, snap benefits with no childcare.
           No answer this question to yourself ?

What do you think will happen if she reaches the cap number of years to receive TANF benefits?
Do you feel that she deserve to be on welfare if she has been on it for a period of time with no job?   





The mother of six children was on disability and was unable to read, write and that was the reason why she did not have employment. Now that you know that the mother has a disability will the reaction to your questions stay the same.




To Gain the knowledge to understand of How TANF is not a successful Program. 

    TANF’s first years saw a sharp decline in the value of TANF cash assistance. Therefore, the causes of the decline in that period (1996-2000) are of particular interest ― and TANF’s defenders and critics have different interpretations. Its defenders claim that employment among single mothers increased and drove the decline in the TANF caseload.


There are multiple reasons for TANF’s declining reach. The leeway that TANF gives states to impose eligibility restrictions, to make it hard to apply and enroll in TANF, and to take benefits away from people who don’t meet various requirements plays a significant role. The structure of the TANF block grant, the design of the federal work rates, and states’ ability to use TANF funds for other state budget purposes created incentives for states to impose even more punitive policies than those in the federal statute. Examples include the imposition of work requirements on families before their applications for assistance are approved, “family caps” that deny assistance to children born after a family’s initial benefit receipt, and time limits as short as 12 months. 





What is a nonprofit organization? Definition and meaning - Market Business  NewsThere will be a second chance nonprofit organization that focuses on families who have been denied TANF benefits because of reaching the maximum number of years that could be on the program, housing crisis, or salary cap with a limitation of the amount that could be reached. The participants who have lost benefits because of failing to obey the rules can apply with a letter of recommendation from their previous worker. In order to design a plan, there will be a need assessment survey on the Commonhelp Virginia website that asks housing questions. The organization uses a loan program related to investments and a PRI fundraising event, individual donations, and grants from a public or private foundation. This organization will be located inside a community church in the downtown Norfolk area. The worker will start volunteering first and then go through a screening to volunteer and have the option to find permitted employment. The strategies for advocacy will cause the program management of the company to send massive emails to market the nonprofit organization to raise awareness on social media regarding funds for the program. There will be program management, a director, and a secretary that will be addressing the plan to decrease poverty.




Discuss ideas to improve TANF so that it meets the needs of low income families..

  1. Establish a federal minimum benefits so that no family falls below a certain income level.
  2. End and bar mandatory work requirements.
  3. End and bar behavioral requirements, time limits and other eligibility exclusions.
  4. Refocus TANF
  5. Address barriers that keep people joining TANF from being employed.


Recognizing the ways in which racist views of Black women have influenced the basic design of the current TANF program is the first step to redesigning TANF with antiracist policies that, in turn, would establish a cash assistance program that works better for all families with the lowest income.





The main objective of TANF is to help families find the right path and provide them with ways to stand on their own and be independent. In Virginia, you can not max out the years to be on the program so this will push you more to become successful. “Conservatives argued that welfare to work reform would be beneficial by creating role models out of mothers, promoting maternal self-esteem and sense of control, and introducing productive daily routines into family life.There are so disadvantages to being on the TANF program. Many people create welfare fraud and lie on their applications to get extra funds. Also, Another significant aspect of the caseload decline is that so many mothers seem to be leaving welfare without taking jobs. Many people come up with fake names and use other people's identities just to receive cash assistance. Parents are not spending the fund on their children. More individuals are making bad choices and abusing drugs and alcohol.


TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) – DUG Network




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