Tangerine WebQuest



In the novel that you are about to begin, there are many issues that will peak your interest.  Lightning fatalities, muck fires, sinkholes, blindness, and soccer all play a role in this novel.  Use the following information to gain insight and learn about some of the happenings in the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor.  The answers aren't always going to be on the exact page the link brings you to, so you may have to search around a bit.  You know, use that brain of yours! :)  Be sure to record your answers on the packet that has been provided for you.



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    Once you have finished this task, you should have more knowledge about the following things:

    • Edward Bloor
    • Tangerine, Florida
    • Lightning Fatalities
    • Sinkholes
    • Muck Fires

    You should have answers to 20 questions when you are finished.  Each answer must be in complete sentences...which means at least a subject, verb, capital letter, and a period!!!


    Use the link about each set of questions to complete your research.  Record your answers on the packet.



    Read this article and interview with Edward Bloor, author of Tangerine:

    1. Why would Edward Bloor have a good feel for middle school students? In other words, what experience does he have that helps him have insight into the middle school mind?
    2. What experiences in his own life did he use as inspiration for Tangerine?
    3. Why has he written this novel?


    1. Enter the city/state name "Tangerine, Florida" into the blanks to see a map of Florida.  Where is Tangerine, FL located? North, east, south or west?
    2. Name six lakes close to Tangerine.


    1. How much would it cost to purchase 32 lbs. of Honey-Sweet Tangerines?


    1. Which state had the highest number of lightning fatalities from 1990-2003?
    2. Which state had the least?


    1. If you were attending an Organized Outdoor Athletic Event, and you feel your hair standing on end and/or hear a "crackling noise," what must be happening?

    For these three questions, you will need to find the information through your own search:

    1. What is a sinkhole?
    2. If you're a Floridian and a sinkhole opens on your property, who would you calll? (List three places you should contact.)
    3. If you're building a new home in Florida, will it be tested for sinkholes? Why/Why not?


    1. What is a sinkhole?
    2. Explain the two types of sink holes that exist.
    3. Describe the two ways in which sinkholes develop.


    1. How long can muck fires last?  Provide a range of time please.
    2. How hot can a muck fire burn?
    3. What problems do muck fires cause?
    4. Identify the two ways in which muck fires can ignite.
    5. What do firefighters do to control the burning muck fires?