Technology is the use of websites, apps, methods and skills in order to create productive work. Technology is overpowering our nation and are becoming part of our everyday lives. Many of our students are being well educated and diverse in the world of technology. Technology in the classroom can be very effective and efficient. Rather than the continuous explanations of definitions done by teachers, a simple video or picture can be shown to the students and students would be able to understand precisely. Technology can have both a positive and negative impact on students. But we are aiming for a positive change. 


Student would have to engage as a group with their peers and discuss; what are your thoughts on technology?, how is technology important to you?, why is technology used in the classroom, List two advantages of technology, and what are some types of technology? 


1. The teacher would create an online discussion forum using "Padlet". 

2. There will be columns in which the questions will be listed.

3. Students will be required to answer as a group under each heading,by clicking the "+" sign at the bottom of each box.

4. The teacher will further discuss the answers when all groups have presented their work on the online forum. 


The students will be evaluated based on a multiple choice sheet in which they have to fill out at the end of the session. 


To summarize this lesson students will be exchanging their papers with each other and then correcting it, with the teacher guidance. Once the papers are corrected the teacher would then collect the sheets and note the marks in which students have gotten. Students will be given their sheets another day or at the end of the day.


Each question will be one mark each.

Teacher Page

Self Evaluation: 

1. Did you answer the students questions effectively?

2. Were you able to provide the necessary feedback for slow learners in your classroom?

3. What was the most challenging activity for today?

4. How will you resolve this?