Thailand Hotel for Travel


          Thailand is Southeast Asia's most visited country, and for good reason. from the golden Buddhist temples and floating markets, to thick jungles and exotic wildlife, to white-sand beaches and tropical reefs, there's a myriad of attractions on offer. Bangkok justifies a trip all on its own, with its glut of markets, wats, palaces, bazaars, waterways and raucous nightlife. But the whirlwind of it will leave you eager to break out into the country.


          Search for information about accommodation and hotels and then summary from information along with make bar graph or pie chat in Microsoft Excel.



       A.Read information from two (2) different website.

you may choose any of the website about Thailand hotel for travel interested. Find other at the bookstores or read information found on the web.


       B.Fill in a chart for each information you read.












       C.Using the chart  you created compare and contrast the three information website. you read with each other and the website or at the bookstores about Thailand hotel for travel. look at what the information have in common and identity the major "motivation" of Thailand hotel for travel

       D.Using the information, you have gathered about what makes up Thailand hotel for travel: write your own interest about Thailand hotel for travel to. Use the for you create statistical data organization. Once you complete your organizer, use your organizer to type your create information in Microsoft Excel. Then revise and edit. Final, save and post to our class blog.


9 - 10 Star sticker

7 - 8   Half the moon sticker

5 - 6   Smile sticker

3 - 4   Candy sticker

0 - 2   Broke heart sticker


          Each group must research information about accommodation or hotels in Thailand. To compare and find various accommodation websites In the same price and demand There will be any website that offers offers or is more interesting than other websites. In which each group must summarize those data to create a bar chart or chart in Microsoft Excel.