Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is almost here!  Since you have become an expert cook in Food Fundamentals, you will be responsible for purchasing, preparing, and serving Thanksgiving dinner. You will work with a partner or small group to complete this assignment.  All group members must participate.  

Thanksgiving dinner meal plan for 2020 - Los Angeles Times


Your job is to plan a Thanksgiving meal for 10 guests.


1. Create a menu that includes

  1. An appetizer
  2. Turkey
  3. Gravy
  4. Cranberry Sauce
  5. Stuffing
  6. TWO vegetable dishes
  7. A dessert
  • The following links provide restaurant and meal delivery menu examples

25+ Thanksgiving Menu Templates - Free Sample, Example Format Download! |  Free & Premium Templates


Menu Template (you DO NOT need to use this)


2. For the 7 items listed above (will be 8 links) browse for recipes to create your Thanksgiving dinner.  Please place a title above each recipe link. Use a google doc for this and share with your partner.   For example

Appetizer Dish

3. Create a grocery list in google sheets and share with your partner.  List all items needed to prepare all of the recipes you have selected AND the price.  Please use Giant Eagle to find the cost of each item.  



  1. Decide on recipes with your partner
  2. Create google form (that you share with your partner) and list the recipe names and links
  3. Begin creating the menu and submit here

4. Begin grocery list and submit here

5. Submit your menu in Schoology

All items above must be completed in the Google suite with the exception of the menu!  I will share links for you to submit your grocery list and recipe form.  You can submit your menu in schoology. 


Recipe Form and Links

Each recipe is listed before the link                                                                                                        /8 Points

Each link is provided (8 total)                                                                                                                 /16 Points


Menu includes all 8 items                                                                                                                       /8 Points

Menu includes a description of each item                                                                                              /16 points

Menu is neat, organized and colorful                                                                                                      /16 points

Grocery List

Grocery List includes all items needed to prepare recipe and the cost for each item                          /30 points