Thanksgiving Dinner!


Thanksgiving Dinner!                            

It's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving has been a long time tradition in many homes across America. It's a day to kick back, relax, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and football, and - best of all - eat a home-cooked Turkey Dinner with family and friends.

It's been a tradition in your family that your great-aunt prepares the Thanksgiving feast, however, she has suddenly fallen ill with a horrible case of COVID! In fact, so has the entire family...EXCEPT YOU!      

You realize that if Thanksgiving dinner is to go on, it is up to you to pull it off! This will be a Thanksgiving to remember!                            


Your job is to plan a Thanksgiving meal for 10 guests.

1. Create a professional menu that must include:

   a) An Appetizer

   b) Turkey with Gravy

   c) Cranberry Sauce

   d) Stuffing

   e) A Vegetable Dish

   g) A Dessert


2.  You must include a recipe for each (NOT A LINK!!!)

   a) Appetizer

   b) Turkey with Gravy

   c) Cranberry Sauce     

   d) Vegetable Dish

   e) Stuffing

   f) A Dessert

3.  EACH RECIPE MUST BE MODIFIED for the number of people you are serving (This means you have to do the recipe math)

4.  A typed shopping list showing the amounts of foods you will need to prepare the meal and the prices of the foods. ( Any supermarket website can be used)


The list below suggests steps you can take in order to complete this project.

1.  Plan your menu for 10 guests.

2.  Calculate the size turkey you will need using the Butterball Link below.

3.  Search the websites listed, read through cookbooks, and talk to family members to get the recipes you need (Please copy and paste the entire recipe on to your assignment)

4. Do the recipe math to show me how much of each ingredient you will need for your Thanksgiving feast

5. Make a shopping list.

6. Use one of the websites below to price out how much your dinner will cost!


Resources                     …

Choose one of the following grocery stores to price your items:



The following rubric will be used to grade your project.  

Thanksgiving Web quest Rubric

A professional menu was created using all the main dishes required.  _____/ 25 points
Recipes are attached for all dishes. _______/25 points

A page explaining recipe (amount) modifications for the number of people you are serving. _____ 15 points

A shopping list showing the amounts of foods you will need to prepare the meal and the prices of the foods. ______/15 points




___________/ 80 points