Theory of Evolution


Hello! I've created a webquest for you to complete over the theory of evolution.


There are 20 questions to this webquest, two questions to every website I have provided. Complete the webquest!


1. Who created the theory of evolution?


2. What is the theory sometimes describes as, that can be misleading?

3. Who had the first ever idea of evolution and when did they live?


4.What is the definition of a theory, according to the website provided?

5. What is the first example of an animal that has changed by theory of evolution?


6. How has this moth changed over time? Why?

7. Instead of evolution, what term does Darwin first use for evolution?


8. What are three more ways evolution can occur?

9. What was Darwin doing when he first came up with the revolutionary idea?


10. What ocean creature once had legs? What was it first referred to as?

11. What did humans evolve from?


12. What do zoologists refer to the human tribe as?

13. How long after Charles Darwin's death did scientists prove the theory of evolution?


14. How many known subspecies of foxes are there?

15. Of every five adults, how many reject the idea of evolution?

16. What other scientist made a similar theory to Darwin's in 1858?


17. What did Darwin compare the history of life to?

18. Name two things from "Things to remember about evolution.



19. T or F: it is possible to predict how a given species will respond to environmental change.

20. T or F: the first part has not been accepted as a basic premise of evolution since 1859.


I hope this helped you create a better understanding of the theory of evolution!