Thinggyan Festival


As you all know that Myanmar is rooted with celebrating festivals in the whole year. There are many different kinds of festivals held in every month such as Thasaung Taing, Tha Thin Kyut, Full Moon day, Ka Htain, Thingyan, etc. Among them, Thingyan Festival is known as one of the most important ones for Myanmar.

You will be doing group (5 people) presentation power point about Thingyan Festival in Myanmar. For that, you will be assigned with your own task. They are retelling task, creative and design task, analytical task, and compilation task. You will be reading some articles about Thaingyan and seeing videos about how to do well presentation below in the resources.



Goals and Purpose

Students will be able to

  • Understand more about Thingyan Festival.
  • Experience what web quest is
  • Improve their presentation skills
  • Apply the presentation and design skills in general and different context.

There are five tasks that you will assign among you yourselves in your group, who will take which task.

Retelling Task

            Retelling task is the one who will be the presenter for the PowerPoint presentation. For this task, you will be provided video samples of Power Point Presentation (PPP) and its skills.

Creative and Design Task

These tasks are about how to prepare effective Power Point for instance adding pictures related to the topic, adding words, clearly, adjusting the size, space, color, etc.


Analytical Task

This task is the one who will analyze carefully about the information of the topic from the one who took compilation task. For example, what information should be added or which pictures that is related with the topic should be added in Power Point. You will also have to read the articles in the resources and especially receiving the important and necessary points from the one who takes the compilation task to add in the PowerPoint presentation.

Compilation Task

The one who gathers the information about the topic from the web sites that is provided to read. So, you will have to read all the articles provided in the resources and give all the information you have gathered and read to the one who takes the analytical task.


Your group will be given time for a week for final outcome. Each of you will get individual or pair task for your presentation. Then you will have to allocate these task among yourselves.

            On the first day, all your 5 members will meet for an hour to discuss and talk about assignment tasks and your topic.

            On the third day, your group will meet again for 2 hours to discuss what you have read and learned with your respective task among your group, then prepare power point for your topic presentation.

            The fourth day, your group will meet again for power point presentation practice then you will be ready for your real presentation for tomorrow in the classroom.

            Check out your rubric and criteria for your presentation.





1 point

3 point

5 point

Organization of Ideas

Introduction and conclusion are not stated clearly

Ideas mostly not relevant to the topic

Has introduction and conclusion

Ideas mostly relevant

Introduction and conclusion are stated clearly

All the presented ideas are relevant to the topic


Audience can't understand the presentation

Audience can understand the presentation

Audience can clearly understand the presentation

Speaking Skill

Poor grammar and pronunciation

Used some gestures

Clear and good grammar and pronunciation

Used gestures and postures

Excellent grammar and pronunciation

Well-used gestures and postures

Group participation

Some group members don't participate in the presentation

All group members participate in the presentation

All group members participate in the presentation actively and lively

Presentation Design skills

The visual aid and the words in the presentation are not clearly and weakly designed, prepared

The visual aid and the words in the presentation are well-designed, prepared

The visual aid and the words in the presentation are well-designed, prepared excellently and attractively


After doing above instructions, now you have to write reflection paper (1 or 2 papers) of your own experience about Thingyan Festival. In this reflection paper, the following questions will be included.

1. Your perspectives on Thingyan Festival.

2. Express your feeling of participation in this festival.

3. What changes did you find out in celebration of Thingyan Festival before and now?

4. How do you want to see as Thingyan Celebration in the future?

5. What areas or context (social, culture, religion, education) does it have impact on?