A three hour cruise


Congratulations!!! You have just won a cruise on the ocean.  You and 3 of your friends will be touring the ocean on a 35 foot yacht.  You will only have the things available that are usually on such a vessel.  After 3 days on the cruise a violent storm catches you off guard and rips you vessel in half.  Somehow the 4 of you make it to a beach.  You quickly learn that you are on a deserted island somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.  This should be an island close to the Caribbean.  

You have 1 week to teach the class how to survive being on a deserted island.

The captain is the person whose birthday is closest to today.

The engineers is the tallest (or next tallest if the captain is the tallest).

The other 2 must pick a job from this list.



Understand your job and what is on your boat.


Pick your job and learn how you can help the group.

Learn how to survive being on a deserted island.


Make a 10-12 minute presentation via power-point or a video. Then present this to the class on ---------------




Learn what is on your boat.

Learn what your job is and how you can help.

Learn how to survive on a deserted island.

Make a power-point or video on how you and your tea can survive using the information you learned.


You will be graded on 4 parts

1. understanding of your role/job

2. understanding of how to survive on a deserted island

3. working as a team

4. presentation in 10-12 minutes power-point of video


Students will gasp an understanding of how to work as a group on a project and in a dier situation.

Students will also have a better understanding of using web based resources to learn information and expand vocabulary.

Teacher Page

SS5E2 Describe the functions of four major sectors in the U. S. economy. a. Describe the household function in providing resources and consuming goods and services. b. Describe the private business function in producing goods and services. c. Describe the bank function in providing checking accounts, savings accounts, and loans. d. Describe the government function in taxation and providing certain public goods and public services.

   Students will describe how their roles as captain, engineer, two others will help the economy of their situation while understanding their functions and what services they can offer.  This will help them to understand the role of government in providing services in the next lesson.