The Three M’s


 6th grade Math

30 minute lesson



Today students we will be learning and doing an activity over mean, median, and mode. This lesson is apart of statistics that you will need to know because it is on the STARR and will need for other math classes.

Objectives :

By doing this lesson you will be able to find the mean, median, and mode in a set of numbers. This will also help if you would like to know the average of your grades.

Describing task for higher level thinking:

You will be using knowledge on Blooms taxonomy to understand what mean, median, and mode is. You will also be applying mean median, and mode to sets of numbers


. Today students you will be learning how to find and apply mean median and mode to a set of word problems.

(put a picture of WebQuest)

2. You will look at the corner of the desk where two worksheets should be

(Copy of what worksheets look like)

3 Take the worksheet that says Mean, Median, Mode, worksheet and use it during the video

Step three: You will watch a video and fill out the worksheet during the video

Combine and word differently—How do they use it during video? What do they do with paper afterwards?

Step four: Go to the front of the classroom and get ONE bag of M&M’s (Set clearer rules)

Step five: Use the worksheet that says Activity on it. (picture WS)

Step six: Open the bag of M&Ms

Step seven: Write on the paper the colors you have in your bag in the colors column.

Step eight: Write the number of each color of M&M’s in the number column

Step nine: Go back to your worksheet or video if you need the definition.

Step ten: Next you will use those numbers to find the Mean, Median, and Mode.

Great Job you have now reached end of this lesson. Turn your papers into the teacher.

You now may eat your M&M’s