In Timeline, a group of archaeologists are studying a site in France from the 1300's. They make an astounding discovery on the site but before they can research into it they are swept off to the headquarters of a multinational corporation that has created something nobody has ever seen. ITC is the company name and they have created a way to access other universes. The company studies quantum physics and is headed by a crazy entrepreneur by the name of Robert Doniger. His dream is to make a quantum computer that is the fastest computer than can ever be created. For a long time this seemed impossible but he has done it.  He has tasked the group with going back in time to another universe to save their professor. Professor Johnson left a few weeks prior to go talk to the people at ITC, but he never returned. Doniger tells the group that Johnson is stuck back in time and they are the one's that he is sending back to save him. The machines they use require quantum foam and when the machine is used it shrinks the person down enough so that they can access other universes through the foam. The group is given 37 hours to return back to the ITC lab before the machines can't bring them back. 

Timeline teaches about quantum physics, time travel and alternate universes.  

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You research and learn about quantum physics and mechanics, time travel and the idea of alternate universes. You will then be tasked to connect each of these back to the book and show it's affect on the events in the story. 


This link will direct you to a page where they teach you about how an experiment shows how quantum physics and light show a possibility for an alternate world where the laws of physics are not the same as they are here in our universe. http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/21st_century_science/lectures/lec13.html   The space provided will be where you will write 3-5 sentences about how the article you just read connects to Timeline: 



This link will direct you to an article explaining what Quantum Mechanics is and how it was discovered and researched on through the years. https://www.pbs.org/transistor/science/info/quantum.html The space provided is where you will write 3-5 sentences on how this article relates to Timeline: 



This link will direct you to an article about time travel and theories about how to time travel. This article shows many possibilities of how time travel can work and also disproves some myths about time travel. https://www.space.com/21675-time-travel.html In the space provided please connect what you have read in the article to the book in 3-5 sentences: 



Write a 5 paragraph essay about one theme that is prevalent throughout the entire book. This essay should be clear on which theme you are presenting including examples of times in the book when this theme is used. Please also include one thing you learned while reading the book and how you would grade it. In the space provided please write your essay: 



In this assignment you discovered how quantum mechanics and physics related to time travel and alternate universes. You also discovered how all of these play a part in the events that took place in TimelineTimeline is very interesting but it is also an educational book that finds an easy way to teach the reader about the way our world works under the microscope. Although this book discusses ideas that not all people will agree with, the author does provide evidence to support his claims on how all of the events in the book could be real.