Let's look at TIMELINES!

A timeline is a tool that organizes events in the order that they happen. This is important because it details when events happened in history and what came before and after. It can also show the cause and effect of events!

View the picture below and explain what you think a timeline is and how it relates to people.

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Watch the video below and be ready to explain what a timeline can be and why they are important!



First, read this quick review of what a timeline is. Click the link below!


On this website, they have a link to a video that shows them creating a timeline of World War II. Look at this if you need more review.


Next, click on the link below and play the timeline game. 

Select 1 player play and go through the steps of the game and follow along as you create a timeline with the events they give you.




For the process section, you will be making a timeline of YOUR life!

For this you will need to have a minimum of 5 events. You can have more! 

** I would recommend having the first event be when you were born!! **


Digitally create your timeline on the website below. When you are finished, take a picture of it and email it to me! 




In the summative assessment, you will be evaluated on your personal timeline.


Before you submit, evaluate yourself using the rubric below. This is what I will be using to evaluate you!

  1 2 3
Does the timeline have at least 5 events?

No there was only 1.

There were at least 3.

There were 5 or more events.

Do the events have the year or month they occurred?

None do.

Some of them do.

They all do.

Are the events in chronological order?


Unable to tell.


Did the student submit the timeline by emailing it to me?







Timelines are a wonderful tool that people all over the world use to show their history or events that have happened for many different kinds of things. This can be anything from history even to science!

How has your understanding of timelines and why we use them changed?