Titanic Crossing

  • On April 10, 1912 Albert Trask boards the most luxurious ship of all time, Titanic. Little does he know, in five days, the Titanic will be underwater. Will he survive? Find out in this exciting book on the sinking of Titanic, Titanic Crossing.

1. Answer the chapter questions

2. Get the materials online. (AKA a Titanic Led Set.) and an iceberg sculpture.

3. Build the set and cut half of the bottom off. (AKA make it look like the sinking Titanic)

4. Build the rest of the diorama


You will need to make a diorama of the sinking Titanic, iceberg included. To do this, find out what Titanic looked  like. See these websites.


PBS online- Lost Liners

The National Archives