Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2021


If You are New in IT Industry  hardest part is what Language to Choose to Learn. Here I have Listed the Best Programming Language which you Can Learn as a Beginner in Programming World.


1 : Python 
Python is a high level programming language which Means its easy to use and best for the beginners. Python is one of the easiest and Greatest Programming Language in the World. If You want to become a back end Developer than python is the best language to Learn. Its Open Source Framework Django written in Python is Famous and Easy to learn framework which is best for the people's who wants to become a back end developer.  
Python is a easy to use programming language as compared to Java and c++. Python has been around 20 to 25 years around now it is one of the easiest programming language to learn to Code. Whether you are beginner into a programming world or you have been into it for some time Its a Great program to code.

2 : Javascript

Its Impossible to be a programmer without using Javascript in some ways. Javascript is a language which is Used for front end development. Javascript is a Language which is very easy to Implement. It Allows you to Create highly responsive interface which help in Improve the users experience. Javascript is a language which is present in Most of the Web pages in the web all the pages that you are looking are containing the Codes  for Javascript.
Benefits of Javascript : -
Javascript is a language which is very Simple to Learn and Implement.
It Gives web Developers the Ability to Create Dynamic Pages.
Javascript is a Fast and reliable language it can run immediately on Clinte side browser.

3 : Swift

Swift is a Compiled Language. Swift is a language which is used for Developing iOS and MacOs Applications. If you are Interested in Developing an application for iOS, then Swift is the Best Programming Language to Start. Swift is a Demanding Language Like Apple Products. Learning Swift Can Make You Earn a six Figure Income Easily. But For that You Must Have to be Great at it.
Swift Includes Great Features that Developers Love. With swift you can Compile and fix the code at the same time While writing the Code. Swift is like python required less Code or  causing string Manupulation.

4 : Kotlin

Kotlin is a JVM based Language developed by Jetbrains. Kotlin is a Language which is used for Developing Android Application. If You are Familier with the Language Java then You Can easily learn the Kotlin language. Kotlin Helps you Write better Android app. Kotlin is used by 60 percent of Professional Android App Developers.
Kotlin is a language which is specially designed for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Kotlin is a language widely used by Android developers in all over the World.

5 : Ruby 

Ruby is a High level General Purpose Programming Language. Ruby is a Programming Language which is Created in 1990 by a Japanese Programmer Whose Name is Matz. Ruby is a language which is used for Developing Web applications and it is designed for Make programming Fun. If You Want to develop a Web application then Ruby is the best programming Language to Learn. 


When begnining in Programming World Only You Can Answer the Question which is the Best Programming Language For you to Learn. Choose the Only Language which You have Some Interest and First Find the Reason to Learn the Programming Language.