A tour in London!


What do you know about London? Click on this Jamboard link https://jamboard.google.com/d/137bwI2DjmxGZMBflaOzYrH6HIjEXlu51UuC-wSZTtdg/viewer?f=0 and write, draw or attach anything that comes to your mind about this city.


Each team has a different task to complete. There are four tasks to choose from:

1. You are tour guides in the city of London. Make a video with green screen using PicCollage. In the video you will present information about sights in the city while you can show their pictures in the background.

2. Create a tourist map. Make a list on Google maps and pin your places of interest giving interesting facts along with pictures.

3. Become an advertiser. You are in charge of designing an advertisement for the city of London. Design a poster or a picture on paper or use a tool like Sketchpad https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ and then present your work supporting your choice.

4. Design your own game. Create a quiz on Kahoot! for the visitors of the city. 


Here you can follow the links to collect the necessary information to complete your tasks.

  • Take a virtual tour in the city on https://360.visitlondon.com/#
  • Collect information about London sights and tourist attractions on the following websites 





You can use Google Docs to take notes that will help you with your activity.


You will be assessed based on the following criteria 

Evaluation rubric
  3 2 1
Language Uses a range of grammar and vocabulary structures with a few or no mistakes. Meaning is conveyed Some mistakes but meaning is still conveyed A lot mistakes, meaning is not conveyed
Sources Most of the sources were used to provide a detailed description Some of the sources were used to give an adequate description Very few sources were used, description not adequate
Analysis Sourced analysed in depth Some sources not analysed as well as others Sources not analysed at all
Working together Worked as a team, putting the same effort for the product Did not work well as a team, one part showed little effort Did not work as a team at all, all members showed very little effort
Task completion Successful task Very good task, could be improved

Needs to be improved



What new information did you learn about London? Click on https://jamboard.google.com/d/137bwI2DjmxGZMBflaOzYrH6HIjEXlu51UuC-wSZTtdg/viewer?f=0 to add, or attach something you remember from the task.